Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Some Old Rugs

Below is a nice welcome mat with hearts in all the corners and nice neutral hit and miss border.
Two dogs reclining with a light neutral geometric style background to make it more interesting in appearance and probably more interesting for the person to hook.
Below is a Barbara Merry snow scene and while it may not be real old Barbara is well known.
The auction house said the Welcome rug with cat and dog was hooked in the 1800's.  It is mounted but you can see loose loops at the edge along the black framing.
Below is an early 20th century hooked rug of horses, flowers and pennies.
And here is the backside view for the actual colors before fading or soiling.
Now, on a more folky style of rug but still worthy of viewing IMHO are these next two rugs.  I recently saw this cottage hooked piece on an auction web site and it was immediately endearing to me.
Reason it was so endearing is because it reminded me of a rug at Barb Carroll's former Guest House for rug hookers.  In May 2016 Barb asked me if I'd noticed the newly purchased piece handing on the wall in the bathroom.  Well of course I had and took a picture of it.  Here is that rug.
Barb's rug reminds me of a Gnome's cottage and when seeing the one above Barb's was immediately reminded.  Now....... okay you creative folks.  Look at Barb's Gnome cottage rug and let me know if you see a hidden image.

On another note, I do believe I've found my way with the "Have you any Wool" rug.  Will try to hook more so that I can attempt to catch up with Kelley's loops.  



  1. I actually see two heads in the rug. On the left side ai see a man with pointy chin and googley eyes and on the right I see a bald man with big glasses . I kind of also see some kind of bunny face I'm weird like that. i see faces everywhere.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Wonderful rugs but I have to say, the dog and cat is my favorite.


  3. Love these mats! Especially the cottage,, so sweet! They are all wonderful,,, thanks for sharing,,,,

  4. Adore the cat and dog!! Don't see a hidden image, but I am terrible at that kind of thing.

  5. The Barbara Merry rug is wonderful, as are all her rugs I've seen...the cat and dog rug has to be my favorite too...Barb's rug creeps me out for some reason...

  6. I agree ~ love the Barbara Merry rug! I was related to Barbara, married a long-lost cousin of hers in my teens! If I would have only known now show she was then lol!


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