Thursday, October 17, 2019

Antique Rug Show

Saw this rug on an auction site yesterday and it is perfect for the month of October.  A Scarecrow, pumpkins, cornstalks, etc.  Said to  have been hooked early 20th century.  Measures 35 x 68.
This is the back corner of the rug so it was well used and appreciated.
Also documented as a scarce Grenfell Labrador Industries hooked face doll.  I didn't realize Grenfell Industries also made dolls.  The doll is 18" tall.  
Take a good look at the detailed background around the Cat and Dog.  It is intriguing but not sure I'd like hooking that tedious detail.  Sharon Smith's rugs have very interesting backgrounds too and admire her attention to detail but don't think I'd have the patience.
This primitive rug depicting small houses compared to the big flower pot is on my 'to do' list one day.  Looks like before I start it will require some Old Patina and/or black walnut wool dying.
Another early rug is the oval in a rectangle rug with penny circles surrounded by primitive scrolls.  Rug measures 24 x 41.
Native American rural scene measures 18 x 36 from Connecticut.
The auction house named this as ' a Boy in a silk hat'.  It looks more like a train conductor or some such worker.  Has tongues at the top but no photo of what is on the bottom.
They did provide a close up of the top portion of the rug.
Black Horses with hit and miss border said was hooked around 1930.
Folk Art Farm House and animals was hooked circa 1930-40.  EH was the hooker and used tapestry wool yarn..
There are still some rug patterns for sale HERE.  They will be listed on ebay this Saturday.



  1. Wow! You certainly found some good ones this go-round! That doll is amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Just incredible. In the last piece, love that there is green around the feet and blue around the birds as though indicating grass and sky without very much of that colored material.

  2. Love the rug with the houses too ...they are all really neat ! Always fun to see the antique rugs & different fabrics they incorporated .

  3. That dog and cat one would probably make me go crazy if I tried to do it...but whomever hooked it did a great job! Janice

  4. Adore the dog and cat rug. Do you think those are birdhouses in the rug that you want to hook?

  5. Love them all,, especially the first one!

  6. That doll has the saddest expression.
    love looking at all the old rugs.


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