Thursday, October 24, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Aren't they three cutie patooties?  That is me in the middle and my cousins Barbara (left) and Rachel on the right.  We were standing on my grandfather's sidewalk where we used to lay on a blanket between the huge trees in the front yard and watch the cars go by.  We also caused our share of havoc to his hay bales and grape arbor.  

Well, I was the one who used the curvature of the concord grape trunk as a horse.  I didn't have my horse Richie at that time so perhaps it was the encouragement of pop-pop that my father finally gave in.

This was back in the day when it was safe for us to roam and play all day with no worries.  We three would go 'treasure hunting' in the woods behind us and saw a snake which seemed to be the size of an anaconda to a child's eyes.  

We used to play school at my aunt's house down the street (my cousins' grandmother) but Rachel always wanted to be the teacher and tell us what to do.  Hmmm, Rach, you wanted to be bossy even back then 😄.  Love ya Rach.  I miss those innocent childhood times.

Rachel and Barbara weren't twins, but if one cried the other would cry too; I found that unusual even back then.  Guess they were really bonded.  There is another sister, Marty Lou, but she was much too young to hang with we three musketeers

I'm 5 months older than Rachel and on my birthday she will call to teasingly remind me I'm older than her.  
Anyway......when going thru my pattern stash to reduce it, I came upon a design I'd planned to hook.  This was planned a few years ago and the
linen only partially drawn as I gave up the idea.  The features were not clear enough for me to get a good drawing and all of a sudden it seemed too overwhelming to achieve.
No way it would be a narrow cut, was thinking mostly #8 and have facial features like Deanne Fitzpatrick does on her people.  It was drawn 20 x 30 and with November rug camp near it won't be worked on anytime soon.   Or I could flip it over and draw an antique adaptation on the other side instead.  Whichever I decide it will wait a while.



  1. Oh you have to hook that what wonderful memories!

  2. That would be such a cute, special hooked project !!!

  3. What wonderful memories. I use to hang out with my cousins on my gramma's farm too. We had so much fun! Hope you are able to hook that memory, but whatever you decide to do, I know will be nice! Janice

  4. Sweet lil gals! It would make a great rug ala Fitzpatrick style!

  5. Wh
    What a swwt pic,,,
    Great memories,,,,
    A mat would be awesome , in deannes style,,, m


  6. That would be a really special rug!!

  7. Ah, memories! Is it the photo that's not clear enough? Or is it the size you made the pattern? If the pattern size, what if you zoomed in on the 3 of you? Maybe even turn it vertical so you could get those knee socks in the rug?


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