Tuesday, October 8, 2019

In the Dye Pot Again

Remember that neon pink wool over dyed last week or so?  Well there is more of that in the dye pot today with the same recipe.  But this time there is a little less than 1/2 yard so results should be a little darker.
Top wool is the original, second is the first dye pot with half yard and the bottom is the result of today's dye with less than half yard.  

Today I had a follow-up doctor appointment so took the Glazer Antique Hearts rug to bind and got more accomplished.  While I hate waiting in the waiting room that is a great time to bind rugs which is another project I dislike.  Wish there were elves who would do my binding for me.  Hmm, wish I had elves to do my cleaning too.  Oh well, as that saying goes..."wish in one hand and s**t in the other and see which one fills up faster".  Sorry for you tender ears.

Had my annual flu shot so am ready to face circulating germs as I go out in public.  There is already one documented flu case in Delaware already.  Takes up to two weeks for the antibodies to become effective so get your flu shot soon.



  1. LOL love the saying...and love your dye results.

  2. Lol, good one !
    It looks beautiful and I wish we had elves too!

  3. I like the over dyed. I hope your Dr's appointment was a good one.

  4. My Welsh grandfather used to say that!

  5. Spit! Wish in one hand and spit in the other, is the way I learned it.

  6. Love the bottom two😊 Maybe you should reward yourself for each side of binding you get done. 🍷

  7. Great dyeing!
    Haha, laughed at that saying,,,
    Feel the same way,,, need a cleaner!!
    Lovely sunny fall day here,,, lots of outside time,,,, yeah!
    Thanks take care,,,

  8. Hi Saundra,
    Looks like you worked your dye magic again! Love how the wool came out!! I know some people would love to hook with that vibrant pink color, but know it is not for you!!
    Hope the binding went well and now you can be healthy for the season!!
    Take care and have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today! I wish I had elves for pretty much everything. LOL Alas I have to do it myself. I love both dye pots, but them again I am more of a primitive muted kinda gal. Janice


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