Friday, October 11, 2019

Oh Glorious Day Update

Am still slowly working on binding the previous rug but enjoying working on the camp rug too.  Hope to have this all hooked and bound before the November class with Kris.
As I'm looking at the rug in this photo I'm thinking about removing that dark brown in the sun's face and replacing it with something less bold.  Think I'd like that a little better.  BUT, onward to finish those tedious little leaves first.

I'm at a loss for my next post so if anyone has questions or ideas, please feel free to email suggestions.  Happy weekend. 



  1. Look how far is come!!! I love it. So here is a quirky question~ Do you prefer working on certain patterns or types of projects in certain seasons?

  2. Thanks for sharing the progress on this rug. I would like to see the wools you are using in this rug.

  3. You are pretty close on this one already, and it looks good. The face doesn’t bother me. Kind of balances with the writing.

  4. Your mat looks awesome!
    Love it all,,,,
    You sure gets lots done,,,,
    Rainy here this am,,, and its our Thanksgiving weekend!
    Trees are so pretty,,,,
    Take care,
    Enjiy whatever u post , saundra!

  5. Always wonderful! I need to get another project off the ground soon

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug is coming along nicely and is such a happy one!! I know you will be done in no time and on to the next one before very long!! You are such a fast hooker and always inspire me!!
    Have a wonderful week, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo


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