Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Design for Your Own Heirloom Rug

This was hooked by me using worms from my baskets.  It is an antique geometric pattern which has been around and duplicated for many years.   I call mine "Granny Geometric" since it reminds me of  the granny square afghans I crocheted in my younger years.
Those  of you who have been following me for a while know this project was stashed away for about 5 years at one point.  I'd just gotten bored.  Then decided to bring it out of hiding.  Eventually my followers and friends encouraged me to continue to finish it.
Happily it is done, bound and my friend Evelyn Lawrence told me to never sell it.  Not sure why she said that other than she must love it and thinks it looks like an antique.

Okay then...  So who would like to make their own hooked afghan piece of history?  This is the line drawing I used to trace out my rug.  You can choose your own dimensions by just using this grid.  You should be able to right click and print this picture, I think.
In the picture below I've placed a measuring tape so you can see the dimensions used for my rug.  BUT...... you could enlarge or reduce these to fit your wishes.  If you wanted to do a needle punch then reduce the size.
Also, If you look at this rug again (below) you could hook those end half-shapes just dark to simulate a saw tooth border, or hook it like I've done with a straight border all around. 
Today was a rough day trying to finish cutting the rest (almost the rest) of my massive yard.  With the riding mower DOA and today the motorized wheels of my push mower dropped dead also.  I'm at a loss for next week when the yard needs mowing again. 

I hear you loud and clear Kim..... "Oh the joys of home ownership". 

Have a great evening everyone.



  1. A good pattern for using up wool worms. It's so kind of you to offer the pattern.

    Don't over do it with cutting the lawn in the heat. I had a hard time starting my push lawn mower last year and I got fed up and hopped in the car and bought a new one. I never buy the fancy one.

    Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Oh oh, you know about the law of threes....don't let any of the large appliances hear that 2 are already down. Whisper it to the can opener and get it over with. :)
    Love that rug btw

  3. OMG, your captcha just made me select all the hamburgers from pictures of random food! What will they do next?

  4. One of the best things I ever did was to adjust my budget and got myself a yardman. My guy mows and string trims, blows and put any leaves out, trims my hedges and cuts down small trees. It took a couple of flops to find him but what a joy to not drip from sweating in Florida miserable heat.

  5. Lord knows I've enough worms to hook a rug like yours!
    Good luck with the mower dilemma. It's always something, isn't it?
    Hugs :)

  6. I have so many worms I should do this. Good luck with the lawn mower we bought a new one last summer so hope that takes care of the issues for awhile.

  7. Thanks for sharing this pattern! I could make a really long runner with all my wool strips!! :)
    Sorry to hear about your lawn mower, hope you find a better one at a great SALE price.

  8. I love the scrap rug. It is very soothing to the eye. Good job getting it done. Hugs, Kat


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