Sunday, June 25, 2017

Let's check out the Gossip Rug

Sad to say it is still not finished yet and am humbled by the amount of rugs Jo Wick has hooked compared to my paltry contribution.  However, this is how the GOSSIP rug appears now.
It is a design by Bill Laraway and offered by Woolley Fox.  I admit to taking LOTS of creative license to make the design more me and something to hang on my wall.  You can see some of the red re-draw but some has already been hooked.

Am very pleased my vision turned out well as I'm not always so lucky. Now I'm concerned how to hook the other birds.  The one to the right of the purple bird is planned to be a wren.   The others will just be un-realistic birds like the purple one I think.

Wishing you a happy Sunday evening.  




  1. Well, you may be hooking as much as Jo, but you are WAY ahead of me. I STILL have not finished by camp rug from 5+ weeks ago...sigh.
    I am lovin' it.
    Hugs :)

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Sometimes life gets in the way and slows things down but I know you are enjoying this latest rug! Love those birds and the feathers are awesome!!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. Love this sweet mat!! You sure get alot done, saundra! I need to focus on one at a time!! I did awhile back,, got all caught up,, now I have 4 on the go,,, though not big!!! Well, maybe one is bigger,,, oh well,, never get bored,, with variety,,,, take care,,,

  4. Well I love it I am hope fast doesn't matter,

  5. I think it is coming out beautifully and always love seeing how you tackle problems in designs.


  6. Love how your rug is turning out and you are making it "you"! It's no race, just enjoy the hooking!!😃


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