Thursday, June 29, 2017

And More of My Hooked Pieces

Beginning in 2008-2009 the number of hooked projects increased as my desire to make primitive dolls was no longer fun.  Therefore allowed more time for hooking.

Kinderhook Basket was the rug I hooked at the first ever Barb Carroll workshop at her lovely home in Ligonier, PA.  It is a pattern offered by Woolley Fox.  I adore this rug and it is hanging on the wall in the room where I sit at the computer. This first class with dear Barb was 2008.  I will often go to the rug, look at the colors and remember the lessons learned from her that day.
Also 2008 I hooked a Wytch Pulling a Pumpkin which was a design in one of Lori Brechlin's booklets.  Seems I have all of her booklets and should look thru to see what might pique my interest again soon.
The pattern Debbie's Horse was in one of Barb's booklets and was free to enlarge and hook.  The colors are washed out since the photo was taken with a flash.  
But the other photo is really too dark.
In 2009 at Barb's workshop I hooked Woodland Deer; this one now hangs in my living room over the love seat.  Notice that orb to the right on the rug?  Wonder if that was my guardian angel or beloved spirit visiting?
2009 was the year that I hooked Domestic Zoo.  First time I saw this design was during a rug show at Cape May where I saw Evelyn Lawrence's version.  Then went the research to find a photo of the original rug and hooked my own.  If anyone is interested in a pattern contact me but be sure you are not a NO-REPLY blogger or will not be able to reply to your email if you contact me thru the comment section.
This was a fun smallish piece named Fat Dog, designed by Tonya Robey and now offered by Mad Hen Prims
He even has a 'grill' as I stitched a sequin on his teeth for the 'bling' factor.  Not sure it will show up for you if you tap the photo to enlarge but worth a try.  He is hanging on the wall in the office along with the Crow Sampler previously shown.

At a Bev Conway class I hooked her pattern Speckled Hens (23 x 48); the design is pictured below.  Well you know me....always making a change to a design here or there.....
Instead of the chickens sitting on a giant egg I thought they should be on straw.... what mama wants, mama does.  Here is how I hooked it. This rug has been on the floor in my kitchen at the back door to the porch since 2009. It shows absolutely no wear or tear except for the flattened wool from being walked on.
Also during 2009 I hooked a design by the Red Saltbox named Flying Trio.  Again I made a change or two ....made the flying crow's legs bent backward as if in flight and added the stars and wave effect on the border.  This was bound using a wool wrapped cord technique.
I designed and hooked small pieces to sell at shows and this little mat was one.
I love Maggie Bonanomi's designs and as I have that Settler's Pride quilt design drew out the Cornucopia to hook.
I'm guessing there weren't other rugs hooked that year but then a lot of small pieces never had a photo taken or they were lost.

Happy Thursday.



  1. Love, love, love Kinderhook Basket!!!
    Fat Dog is a hoot!
    Heck, they are all wonderful!

  2. Lots of variety in your pieces and I do love fun rugs too.


  3. what Lauren said about Kinderhook Basket and then some...great rugs...makes me wish I'd kept track of all of mine...

  4. Love all ur mats!!
    Kinderhook ,, love it,,,, wow,,, you are a hooking machine,,,, have a good weekend!

  5. They are all Great !!!! Happy 4th of July !!!

  6. Hi Saundra,
    Yes, I too LOVE Kinderhook Basket!! All of your rugs are so much fun and so nice that you have a record and a story for each one!!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!
    Heart Hugs~

  7. I agree the straw is way better than the giant egg. Chicken don't usually sit on a giant egg. My Favorite in this bunch is the Domestic Zoo, bar none.
    There's something really artsy in that one.


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