Friday, June 2, 2017


Nope, not talking about the verbal exchange of stories being passed from person to person ~ I'm talking about the pattern Gossip by Woolley Fox.  I looked on the web site but didn't see any hooked example and since I've taken creative liberties to the pattern mine won't be on the web site either.
Just couldn't wait to start the blackbird at the top, even before the bottom birds are hooked.  The wool used for the black bird is called "Crow Feathers".  It is an over dyed wool purchased from Jeannie Benjamin years ago.  Found it while attempting to get my wool room organized and glad to have found it.

I've a plan on how the rest should be hooked and hope my vision turns out.  So far I'm loving it. 

Sadly the Magdalena Goat still isn't bound nor is the Olde Hearts. Frankly I hadn't intended to be as attached to this pattern as I am so figured the other two rugs would be all bound by now.  

Happy Friday.



  1. It's looking good. I like the birds so much better than the animals, it makes more sense to me that birds would perch on the what's it. lol...

    Have you decided wether to hook feathers or leaves?
    Smiles & hugs

  2. Hi Saundra,
    Your new rug is really "Tweet!" I just couldn't resist!!! Love your colors and looking forward to more!! Those other rugs will be waiting for you when you are ready for a break!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Heart Hugs~

  3. I like your version and nice shade of black.


  4. Loving ur mat , saundra! But love all urs!!
    Busy times , too,, too much going on in june! Yikes,,, weather nice here now,,, coolish,,, but clear days!
    Have a good one,,,,


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