Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hooked Items without a Birth Date

Sorry for the brief detours now I'm back to bore you with more rugs and other items I've hooked.  

There are two rugs where the date had been lost in time.  One is a kit purchased from ebay and a design by Pat Cross.  Not sure of the timeline but it must have been between 2002 and 2003 while still dipping my toes in the water of rug hooking and not having much wool stash.

The person had hooked a couple circles, started a star and hooked a little background.  Guess she decided rug hooking was not for her. Some great wide cut wool and a great design was thinks it may have been a kit from  Pat Cross herself.  Although it is a basic two color rug I find it enjoyable to see when walking into the sewing room and wool room.  
This a pattern in one of Pat's books Called Purely Primitive.  Just pulled mine off the shelf and there is a host of wonderful designs to draw on your own and hook.  
The other rug in question NOW has a birth date.  I was determined to research to find out when this was hooked.  Knowing that I'd kept the wool from the kit thought that might lead me to the date. 
Here is the catalog from which the pattern was ordered.  AH HA!  2003.
So now I plan to enjoy and use those colors stashed for what reason??   Why not use them?  I've been guilty of saving favorite wool colors, aromatic soaps..for a special occasion?.  Will definitely use them NOW.

I'd planned much more for my blog post but got carried away with research.  PLUS cleaning the porch in this heat and humidity used up a lot of my time.  

Chat with ya tomorrow and hope you enjoy the post more than today.



  1. You are sew right... don't save your best for a special occasion, use it NOW.

  2. the top rug is very much like a Brannock/Patek rug I hooked way back in 2001 ...I remember because it was a "summer of pain" of many I hooked when I could barely walk.. I over dyed the entire rug when it was saving stuff for God...we deserve to use our best every day...

  3. That is a wonderful book by Pat Cross!!!
    Yup. We need to use what we have and not save for "someday". Someday is here now.
    Hugs :)

  4. Yes, "Penny Crow" was an adaptation of a Brannock/Patek quilt pattern. I had their permission to hook it and put it in "Purely Primitive". It wasn't a kit sold by me. "Purely Primitive" was published in December 2003


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