Monday, June 5, 2017

A Follower Wants To Know....

A follower wants to know just how this sewn on binding thing works so will try to clear it up for you.  As mentioned yesterday I don't always bind this way ~ it all depends on what I want for the rug.  

Sometimes I whip edges with wool fabric or wool yarn, have used wool covered cording and wool on the back, also used the standard woven cotton rug binding and this way when wanting to hang on the wall.  

The traditional cotton binding is only 1 1/4" wide.  Reason that I like using a heavy stock fabric (like a cotton twill) for the cotton binding is that I can cut it 3 1/2" wide for a more substantial coverage and sew a sleeve at the top.  I rip straight of the grain for this system.

You may need to refer to yesterday's post to clarify the first steps taken, however, these are those lines drawn on yesterday's post.
In the photo below you can see the two rows of straight stitch and the zig zag connecting those rows.  This is 1 1/4" away from the edge of the pattern, which would be the last hooked row of the pattern.  Except sewing the binding on now is much easier than trying to sew up close and personal AFTER it is hooked. 

In the photo above and the one below you can also see that black line which is drawn 1/4" away from the edge of the design.  So you would lay your binding fabric facing away from your hooking area so that when it is stitched on it would fold toward the back of the rug.  
You need to place the binding fabric up to the edge of the newly drawn 1/4" mark, pin it in place and stitch 1/4" away from that edge.  That is the standard sewing edge and if you know your way around a sewing machine you should be aware where the sewing foot would rest to accomplish that.  Here is a visual.
And another.
Below is another view where I've pulled back the edge so you can see where it was stitched down and where the 'sewing edge' is.
Below is another view and you may have noticed that I use four pieces of fabric for the top, bottom and sides.  Luckily the twill was wide enough to accommodate the length so it didn't need to be pieced.
When Folded outward I am free to hook up to the binding.  Talk about getting close to the binding so the foundation doesn't show......
Actually in the photo below I am using #9 wool strips and am hooking in two holes away from the binding fabric and not the hole right next to it.  But is is still hooked close and no foundation will show.


  1. Great tutorial, simplifies it for me and I do need better finishes.


  2. Great pics and instructions, saundra! Thanks so much,,,, going to do that on a small mat I just finished,, however I have already hooked it! So doing it by hand,,, should be ok,,,, and I am using a piece of wool cloth to go around!
    Take care,,,, thanks,,, for sharing,,,,,

  3. Great tutorial Saundra. Your pictures are very clear.
    Smiles & hugs

  4. Ok this helps.. I was confused as to the placement of the cloth binding. Great tut. Thanks

  5. Wow , this is a good way to bind too , thanks !!!

  6. One of these days I need to try that! A real time saver, me thinks :)


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