Monday, June 12, 2017

A Former Hobby Resurfaces

Have previously blogged about my humble attempt at making a quilt. Actually I've made a few and use them as a bedspread.  Recently after changing sheets noticed how worn and repaired the one in use was, but am not ready to get rid of it yet. 

Below is the one in need of repair and presently on my bed.  So when looking at the following pictures remember this is peeking out from under the fabric squares.
Then one of those wake ups in the middle of the night wondered what I'd done with a quilt in the making MANY years ago.  This morning I went into the attic to find out.....hopefully I hadn't given it away as I've started to get rid of fabric and quilt pieces.

Ah Ha!  Found it and was quite surprised as to how many squares were sewn together.  Hmm, maybe this is a doable project after all.

Below will be the theme of the one I HOPE to work on intermittently between hooking, grass cutting, etc.  Hell, let the dust collect, there's more important things in life than cleaning.... right ladies???  ­čśë
These are all the blocks which have been pieced, some stitched together but not many.  Still, the piecing is the PAIN...right?  Well at least it is for me because I don't qualify as a 'real quilter'.
My original grandiose idea was to have the big star in the middle and the entire remainder of the quilt to be the smaller star squares.  HA!  Me thinks me will do large blocks of something to fill in once I've circled the big star in the middle.
I have used those large dark pieces of fabric just to cover the spread underneath and show some semblance of a border.  I'd like it to be nicer than this of course, but those pieces happen to be in the container so used them for fill for the photo.
Above are the cut but un-stitched pieces remaining.  Once they are stitched together will decide if any more are needed.  Otherwise I will do trim and blocks of neutral, blue, red and other colors you see in the stars.  

So basically, look at the top quilt on the bed and think of the BIG star in the center.  Then think of the smaller star blocks in the section where the houses and trees are.  The rest will be homespun blocks.  As luck would have it, I've about 12 Walmart shopping bags full of cotton which was to leave my house about a week or so ago.  But now I'll be looking thru those bags to see if there is anything which can be used to complete my new 'former hobby'.

It's a scorcher here today and glad that Ben's backyard got cut yesterday in the morning.  Of course he doesn't spend too much time out there ~ he wants to go out and will lay in the grass only long enough until that black body gets hot.  Then my boy wants in.

Have a great evening and stay cool.



  1. Your quilt will be beautiful. I love the homespun fabrics.

  2. That quilt looks like a doable (that's been a good quilting word for me) project. If there is a Hobby Lobby close by check out their homespun fabrics. I have a few here and kept thinking I would make a center piece for the dining table. Those are still waiting since rug hooking pushed them to one side.

  3. I'm sure your quilt will come out perfectly!
    Hot and steamy in Ohio, too!
    Hugs :)

  4. That will be a beautiful quilt for the bed and worth finishing.
    Hot here too, cannot do anything outside.


  5. Love ur quilt! Will be great to be finished! Its funny because I started a crocheted afghan in the 70s,,,, in oranges, yellows white, flowers in a hexagon shape,, got a few done and now looked at it the other day,,, and neec to crochet them together or sew,,,
    Think its back in style again,,, saw one similiar on pinterest!!
    Love ur fabrics, too,,,,, take care,

  6. Your quilt will look pretty , I love homespun , I have yards tucked away !!!

  7. Nice start on your "new" quilt. So glad you will be finishing that UFO instead of tossing!


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