Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rug Binding part two

Yesterday I showed you a properly prepared backing edge with the straight stitches about 1/4" from the last row of hooking as well as the protected edge with a row of straight stitching and two rows of zig zag ~~ and then trim away the excess.  I cannot stress enough the importance of that. 

And this is how I go about prepping my rug to be whipped with either wool strips or yarn.  At first I tried to roll and whip in one process but found my rolled up edge got distorted and my whipping lumpy.  So while it seems like double work, I find it much easier to roll the backing forward and use T-pins to secure small sections at a time and then whip that with cotton crochet yarn. 

Notice that I have rounded my edges vs. sharp corners.  This makes it easier for me to roll those sections and there is less bulk at the corners when I roll forward.  I use the cotton crochet yarn because it is readily accessible at Wal-Mart and is inexpensive.

I start in the middle of a side rather than starting at the corner; I find that easiest for me.  I take my T-pins and pin a section and then I whip stitch that together, pin a little further along the edge and then whip stitch that together. 
This is to be continued tomorrow.  Hope this has been helpful.  


  1. A big THANK YOU from a newish hooker with a binding phobia. Well, really a sewing phobia in general. This is so helpful Saundra. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Amy. And, any time you have a question or something you don't understand please feel free to write me personally, or you could get other people's opinion's as well. It is always interesting to see how other people do things.


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