Thursday, August 4, 2011

Little Bella's Update

Bella has been here 9 days now.  I wanted to give you an update 4 days ago on Monday but have had to jump a lot of hurdles since then, including finally shipping one of the two Edward Tulane rabbits I had orders for (again).  So have been to the shippers and one is on its way to Illinois.

Oh but it has been a challenge this week with a new pup and the A/C going off during a weekend and I refused to pay the exorbitant cost for an emergency call.  So I turned on all the ceiling fans in the house and brought the oscillating fan down from the attic.  But night time sleeping was a little uncomfortable but thank gawd this past weekend temps weren't the ones in the 3 digits as we'd experienced the week prior.

Since Bella was new and wanting to crate train her she had been sleeping in the crate all night until Sunday night.  Since it was to be really really warm in the room I turned on the ceiling fan, and had the oscillating fan mostly directed in the direction of her crate and two (yes, 2) beds outside the crate.  Hey, my girl must have her choice of memory foam or fluff.  And decided to let her sleep outside the crate so she could go in if she wanted (door remained open) and at least she would have access to water in case she wanted to hydrate herself.

Well she was a perfect roommate, no accidents or other incidents and she has been sleeping outside the crate since.  I'm happy she is getting more freedom.  Of course I don't totally trust her for 1-2 hours alone while I run errands yet for fear of the separation anxiety.

So we did get the A/C back in operation on Monday afternoon and it was like heaven in the house later. 

When Terry of Majesty Rottweiler Rescue was here she suggested I elevate the bowls to ensure her stomach didn't flip by too much water, too much food, too much play, which I guess with any combination of the 3 could or has caused the problem.  I've never had a dog with that situation but didn't want to start now either.  So I went out and found something suitable to elevate her bowls.

You can see that my little girl still needs to put on weight and you can readily see the eye which had the entropian surgery as she is sleeping by my side in the computer room.  I'm hoping that with time the hair will grow back and eye will take shape again.  Naturally I will love her even if it doesn't, but you know how we girls are sensitive about our appearance.

Lovin' my little girl and think she and I will embark on the trek to the mail box to retrieve mail since it is relatively  mild outside albeit somewhat humid.  I'll carry some water with me in case she gets panting.

Oh, in the picture above to the left is a stool with a hooked top which I purchased from Mad Hen (Tonya Robey) and the stool to the right is an antique one but the hooked design was the design which came with the dye recipe box and samples.  I figured that since I keep my dyes out of sight I may as well enjoy the design where I can see it every day.


  1. Sounds like you and Bella are doing sooo well together!! Am so happy for you both!

  2. She looks so happy lying by your side. She seems to be settling in well. I love those little stool rugs. I have a couple of stools I want to do that to.
    Hope the weather gets cooler soon!

  3. Hasn't this hot weather been something! I think animal and human alike will be relieved when fall weather arrives! Sounds like you are very busy keeping Bella comfy and she is responding so nicely!
    Love the little stools.... I have a collection of stools and have as yet to hook some cute little mats for them! Yours are adorable!
    You and Bella take care and I hope your elec. stays on!!!
    Cathy G

  4. I hope your heat breaks soon we have been very lucky with weather.
    your girl looks like she is so content. good job mom

  5. Bella is a beautiful girl. Thank you for loving her! We all need such love.

  6. Bella is a beauty! It warms my heart to think what a lucky dog she is to have a great new home. Hugs Cheri

  7. Yeah for Bella! You are so lucky to have found each other. Much happiness to you both.
    Pug hugs :)


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