Monday, August 22, 2011

Magdalena Briner

I became enamoured with Magdalena Briner rugs since my friend Evelyn Lawrence first introduced me to her designs.  Evelyn launched her book on the subject at Sauder Village this past week and I only wish I could have been there to see them up close and personal myself and to congratulate Evelyn for her accomplishments.

So far I have hooked 3 of her designs:  Domestic Zoo (the long runner), Dog with Crows and the Eagle.  It would be very difficult to pick out my favorite of those but guess my favorite would be the one I was hooking at the time.  I'm going to do an experiment and post a picture of the original  Magdalena Eagle rug which was on display at Sauder and the post a picture of the one I hooked to see how far off I was in trying to capture the original look.

Here is Magdalena's original:

And now the one I hooked, which was the third and last rug of Magdalena's I hooked:

Here is the Domestic Zoo rug I hooked, which was the first Magdalena rug I hooked (pattern can be purchased from my web site, ). 

And the Dog and Crows rug was the second one I did:

I do have plans to hook the dog next ~ well I say next but it will be after I return home from Cape May rug camp where I'll be hooking something else entirely.  Since when hooking the Magdalena rugs it requires bits and pieces of wool it is best to hook that at home so I can dig into my worm bag for oddball pieces.  After all, Magdalena used what she had and while hooking the others would often say out loud, "Magdalena, guess that is all you had at the time so you hooked that color right there".

Here are two more original Magdalena rugs which were on display at Sauder.  I sure do want to hook this dog soon.
And then Magdalena's red horse original:

To all of you who were there to see the rug show and the wonderful rugs of Patty Yoder and Magdalena Briner, it must have been a goose bump day seeing these magnificent works of art history.


  1. What beautiful Rugs. Saundra you amaze me with your talent. Cheri

  2. It was wonderful to see the rugs in person!
    You have done a remarkable job with the eagle rug. Actually all your rugs are wonderful!!!
    I stopped by your website for the first time. WOW!!! I had no idea you were such a wonderful doll maker. No wonder you are getting so many orders.
    Pug hugs :)


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