Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to Hooking

Whew, thankfully Irene left me with minimal flooding, no house damage and minimal tree problems.  There was a lot of leaves, limbs and some sizable limbs to fall but it could have been much worse so consider myself lucky.  I started the clean-up yesterday and there is still more I plan to do today as soon as I update my blog.

I was without electricity for 22 hours which is not conducive to rug hooking and hooking by candle light didn't work very well for me. I even tried propping up two mirrors so the light would be magnified and that wasn't much help either.  So yesterday for about an hour between clean-up I finally pulled some loops on this NotForgottenFarm design which I think is adorable. 

I have received my copy of the book written by my friend Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright and oh boy is it ever interesting.   A lot of work and research went into the compiling of information for the book.  It gives historical informormation about the life and times of Magdalena, beautiful colorful pictures of rugs hooked by Magdalena, some of which I have never seen before.  In addition to the pictures of the rugs there is detail information on each of her rugs regarding design, color size.  This is a fabulous must-have book about Magdalena Briner Eby, one of the most well known (in my estimation) textile artists of American Folk Art.

And, some great news for any of you who were not able to attend Sauder (like me), and you would like to own one of your own, here is a link you can access to order: www.rughookingtraditions.com .  You can also see the dates for next year's  Sauder. 

Well, guess I better get outside and do some more post-Irene clean-up done.


  1. Saundra ~
    I'm so glad you survived Irene with minumum problems! I think I'd go stir crazy with no electricity for 22 hours. We are SO dependent on it!
    I need to order that book! At Sauder I talked myself out of buying it because I had already spent too much money...lol! Magdalena's rugs were so neat to see in person. Her quilts were amazing, too.
    How's the furbaby?
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Saundra,
    It's good to hear you made it through Irene! It's a lot of work cleaning up even after a small storm! That is a cute pattern from NFF... looks like a fun one to hook!
    Thanks for the link for the book. Will have to save up to add it to my library!
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Saundra, I am glad you have little damage from Irene. Thanks for the link to the Magdalena Book.What a fast week Cheri


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