Friday, August 19, 2011

Sauder Village

Unfortunately I was not in attendance at Sauder Village even tho I was given advance information that there would be some original Magdalena Briner rugs as well as some of Patty Yoder.  So I begged and pleaded with anyone who attended to please take pictures so that I might enjoy them from afar.  Thanks to Phyllis (who is the host of RughookersYahoo) she posted this picture trail so that those of us who were unable to go could enjoy the show as well.  Here is Phyllis' blog: so that you my enjoy it as well.

Must say that even tho some of the pictures were fuzzy I still got goosebumps when Magdalena's rugs and Patty's rug appeared on the screen.  While my personal collection of rugs lends itself to wide cut primitive style, I did see some rugs which were excellent and as a hooker who has also done fine cut can appreciate the work involved.  And as a rug hooking teacher I had (Bev Conway) said more than once...."Color gets all the credit but it is value which does all the work".

Enjoy the picturetrail everyone.

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  1. Hi Saundra thanks for the rug show. I always enjoy seeing other peoples rugs.I hope Bella is doing fine.


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