Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All in a Day's Work

I'm both frustrated and thankful at the same time.  I'm frustrated because I'd drawn out 30 of the 32 patterns and only had 2 more to cut, serge and draw to be done. 

As luck would have it, my Bernina serger (which I just had serviced in March) began making a nasty 'click' and was afraid that to continue using the machine would just throw the timing off or worse break a part.  So I had to stop in my tracks.  Yes, I checked and double checked the threading and it was okay and the needle wasn't broken.

Thankfully my friend had given me an older Bernina serger when she learned mine was not working properly in March.  The conversation couldn't have been more timely because it was headed to  auction just days later.  So with the grace of having that backup was able to finish the last 2 patterns.  Here is the stack.
Now to do an invoice, box and ship tomorrow.  And then I'll be free to finish the Spiral Chair Pad, gather my Woollie Fox items and prepare for camp.  What I'm NOT happy about is having to drive an hour to take my Bernina in for repair again nor the trip home when I'd rather be getting ready for camp.  But I will be needing it again soon so the sooner it gets repaired the sooner it can be picked up. 

The Bernina guy did tell me that the linen is tough on sergers but hey, that is what we use to serge the linens isn't it?  Does anyone know of a perfect work horse serger that can withstand the coarseness of linen?

Oh, and another bit of luck is that I had JUST enough linen to do the last two patterns.   So now need to order more Dorr Natural Primitive Linen and need to do that before I leave for camp as there will be more patterns to draw when I return home I'm sure.

Thanks for dropping by.  TA TA.



  1. looks like you've been a busy little bee...that's ALOT of patterns! sorry about your serger. I usually just zigzag mine reeeeeal close to the edge of the linen with my trusty old Brother.
    I do have a 1908 Pfaff treadle in case the Brother quits OR the electricity goes foot in the present, one in the past, as usual for moi!

  2. Glad to hear you had a "back-up" to use to get you thru. And how perfect is it that you had the right amount of linen. Life can be good.

  3. it's great you were able to find a workable solution. Hope you get the spiral finished, and everything ready for your camp. Hugs & blessings for the upcoming week.


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