Friday, May 24, 2013

Back From Woolley Fox

Oh but a fun time was had by all.  There were 6 of us; Sue, June and Eleanor stayed in the Guest House (closest to Barb's home); Deb, Char and I stayed in the Woolley Cottage which is a few steps further from the house.  Both are lovely and warm with beautiful antiques and hooked rugs for us each to enjoy. 

Not only are the cottages delightful but also the grounds are spectacular and eye candy as you walk to and from the classes.  To the left you can see a portion of Barb's home and the wall with the sheep and blue awning is the Guest House.
This is the door to the Guest House under the awning and you can see the Woolley Cottage in the distance on the right. 
This is the view from the back deck at the Woolley Cottage but totally forgot to get a front view or side view of our accommodations, sorry.  Just know that we have had a great time hooking and having cocktails and snacks on the back deck.
This is the view we would see as we walk to classes ~ this is at the other end of the Guest House and you can see the back deck which was a nice place to sit in the morning with coffee or hook.
Sometimes we would walk to Barb's on the left and down the steps, and sometimes we'd take the walk to the right (picture above) and take the more scenic route.  When we walked by the fishpond talking the koi would come to the surface hoping for a hand out of koi food and while we had none to share, it was fun to watch the frenzy in the water.
I took numerous pictures of the grounds but will move on to people and rugs.  This is a picture of (l to r) Sue, Barb, June and Eleanor.
This is Sue watching and listening intently as Barb color plans her rug.
June and Eleanor busily hooking here.
And my pal Deb pulling loops like a maniac to my right.  Can't believe how much she accomplished in just 3 days.
Sue was hooking Herb Angel a Lori Brechlin design sold by Spruce Ridge.
June hooked Halloween Hooligans by Star Rug Company.
Eleanor was working on a Warren Kimble design offered by Woolley Fox.
Deb hooked Monticello a Karen Kahle design.  I dearly love the more primitive hooking and it is way different than Karen's pastel palate.  This picture was taken Tuesday night before Wednesday's class where even more hooking was accomplished. 
My dear pal Char, sly girl, managed to avoid all photos of her as well as her hooking.  She was hooking a delightful design called Craig's Whale.  It was drawn by her son as a child who is now 32.  I was so hoping to get a picture of it and her but her Irish is mighty force when trying to capture her in pictures.

I know, you're wondering where my rug is, right?   HA!  You'll just have to wait for an update on my blog tomorrow.

Please be kind to one another.



  1. Saundra,
    That has to be like heaven surrounded by all that wool and lovely ladies who love to hook! I can't wait to see more pics! Such a beautiful place!!

  2. I've seen pictures of the Woolley Fox before and it looks SO delightful - sure seems a LONG way from Utah! Glad you had a great time!

  3. Saundra ~
    What fun but what a tease you are!!! Looking forward to seeing your new rug.
    Hugs :)

  4. What a hookers haven! To own a property like that would be awesome, to stay for awhile with others who enjoy the craft priceless. Lucky you! Love the pics and the women's choices of patterns.

  5. Oh what a great time you all had!
    Barb's home and surroundings looks so peaceful, a great retreat for sure.
    I found a picture of us from the Lewis show back in 2006!
    I'll send it to you.

  6. Also love all the rugs you posted!
    I have Karen Khale's Monticello pattern that I am looking forward to hooking someday.

  7. Hi Saundra,I love all your rugs. What talented ladies,Cheri


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