Friday, May 17, 2013

Henny Penny

This is the smaller Henny Penny (a Woolley Fox design) which measures 15 x 21.  As you can see I'm drawing lines to make it a smidgen larger and lines so that I can hook more blotchy spots of color.  Sure hope I'll like it when I'm done, but if not I've been known to pull out loops and re-hook. 
Actually I've since drawn more lines after the picture was taken so it will be quite easy for me to confuse myself.  This is the project I'll work on Sunday night in the cottage and in class until Barb gets to me with my camp rug.  If I'm lucky maybe I can get Barb's input on this one also.  Although I might be a little embarrassed for her to see all the lines I've drawn on it.....hmmm, after thinking about it maybe I won't show it to her.

My van is almost packed and I will leave here tomorrow to spend the night with my friend Deb, and then head off to Ligonier, PA for a wonderful time with Barb Carroll.  Have no fear, I will have camera in hand and will let you know about the fun time we had.

See ya in a few days......TA TA!



  1. Saundra ~
    Love the way you've hooked Henny so far!
    Have a wonderful, safe trip and take LOTS of pictures to share ~ ~ ~ pretty please.
    Hugs :)

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time.. and I am glad you are taking us along with your camera.

    I like how Henny is coming out.

  3. Hi Saundra, How fun!Have a great time. I love your henny Penny.Hugs Cheri

  4. I love your HB. You know Barb. She will not care about the lines!!!! She'll love your spot of creativity!!!!
    Have a great time. Wish we were all there with you.
    Drive safe, my friend!


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