Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Version of Red Bird Hooked

Margaret hooked this rug in record speed.  I  just checked and she purchased it on April 18th and it has not even a whole month later and she has it hooked.  The measurements are 18 x 35 so it isn't huge but it also isn't a mat size.  It still needs to be bound but she was so excited to share with me (and you) that she sent a picture early; and I'm glad she did.
Along with the picture she had this to say.....to quote Margaret,

"Hi Saundra,
Not yet bound, but I just steamed it and it's resting comfortably. I was skeptical about the yellow kool aid but it really seems to work with the other colors. 

I enjoyed hooking this and hope that you are able to entice many more hookers to do their own version. It's simple but very charming!"
Thanks for your kind words Margret and happy  you like it.  For all who have ventured onto my blog, thanks for visiting.



  1. Margaret is one fast hooker! Very sweet.
    Hugs :)

  2. Wow! She is fast! That is absolutely beautiful!

  3. She gets the ribbon for speed and talent.


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