Friday, May 10, 2013

The Chaos begins

But before I show chaos pictures I'd like to welcome my 180th Followers... thanks for joining!

Here is the chaos with the STILL unfinished Spiral Chair Pad (notice Ben is laying right where my feet would be).  Yes, I just overturned the tote so all tangled worms would be available.  I want this sucker all hooked before I leave!!!!!!!  Close, but not close enough.  If it isn't done by the time of leaving for camp it will be put away forever and ever and ever I'm afraid.
And there is the chaos of now gathering wool for camp since the 32 patterns have been drawn and shipped. 
Notice those two rings on the table to the right.  That is where I put samples of the wool to be presented to Barb and will have the bulk of the wool in my van.  So whatever she chooses can be retrieved from my van later.  Previously I'd taken half yard of all my presentations and that was a lot of bulk to take to the class room.  Now will just have these two rings full of samples for her to choose from.

That four spool of pink threads is the serger that saved my butt.  That is the one which allowed me to finish the last two patterns for the shipment.  Still don't know the story with the one just taken to the shop AGAIN.  But hope to know before leaving for camp.

Thanks for visiting and hope you stop by again sometime.



  1. Congrats on another follower. I still get excited with each new one!
    That Ben sure is a handsome guy!!! Is he your heated footrest?
    Your mess doesn't look too bad to me.
    Hugs :)

  2. congrats on the followers. Have fun at camp I can't wait to see
    what you worked on.

  3. Hope you have a fun and relaxing time at the Woolly Fox Rug Camp Saundra !
    I'll bet Ben will miss you while you are gone.

  4. Hoping to see the spiral finished before camp! Hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. Gosh....I've been so busy here at my little homestead, I have been a non- blogger and horrible blogger friend !!i sure hope you have a super relaxing , but fun time !!


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