Sunday, October 6, 2019

Inspiration for Antique Adaptations

Time for another antique rug show and I found a few goodies.  Below is Spray of Flowers early 20th century, measuring 22 x 42, collection of Kramer family of PA.
Three kittens playing with a ball of yarn, 22 x 39.  Wide range as to dates the rug may have been hooked ~ anywhere from 1900 to 1939.
Doves and Birds with center of hooked grapes.  No date given but provenance is Ephrata, PA and measures 21 x 37.
Six Houses rug with braided edge measures 31 x 45 and is the estate of Frank and Claire Glaser.
Dog rug with some hit and miss and leaves in design.  Also from the collection of Frank and Claire Glaser, measures 29 x 75
Three Rabbits with a hit and miss border.  20th century rug from the collection of Jack and Tommie Marsh.  Measures 18 x 41 1/2
This is the back and it appears the last few rows of foundation were hooked thru all layers to protect the edges.
Two Masted Ships 1875-1899 from the estate of Elizabeth Vaughn measures 24.5 x 68.5.
Below is a girl sleeping on a big dog; from Ephrata, PA it measures 23 x 34.5 and hooked between 1900-1929.
Although  not a hooked rug....yet, I've had this photo for some time and it inspires me to design and hook a rug.  This is Stage Coach Mary (Mary Fields) who was the first African American woman to work as a mail carrier.  She was born into slavery in TN in 1832.
Another individual who inspires a rug is Harriet Tubman who lead hundreds of slaves to freedom via the underground railroad.
The rug won't be happening for a while as I would want it to be a primitive rug, not portraiture style.  But do want to pay tribute to these brave women in rug hooking form.  



  1. Lots of Inspiration there so what is next?

  2. Wow ...more wonderful rugs !!! What brave women ...look forward to your hooking project !

  3. Some very cool rugs.
    Congrats on pulling the last loops on Glazer Antique Hearts!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Love so many rugs in your rug show but think the 6 houses might be my favorite, with the ships and the dog coming in a very close second!! ALL are wonderful, though!!
    Those two photos certainly offer you much inspiration and would love to see what you decide to do!! They would be awesome side by side!!!
    Hope you have a great week!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  5. Love the top rug. Have known of Harriet Tubman for years, but Stagecoach Mary is a new one for me.

  6. Good luck with your tribute rug. Cannot wait to see what you plan on doing. Janice


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