Friday, January 17, 2020

Antique Art with Wool

Most, if not all, followers enjoy my posting of antique rugs ~ I also enjoy seeing them again after saving them from the on-line auction house.  First up is this 1800's Geometric from Newburyport, MA which measures 19 x 35.  Is that a repair of a damaged edge or just a large binding?
A floral hearth rug dated 1870 in brown tones measures 29 x 78.  Wish they had posted a frontal photo and indicated it's provenance.  But can only tell you what is available on the auction house site.
A primitive bowl of flowers hooked early 20th century.  
Another floral rug dated 1880 measures 23 x 45.  I've said before that blotchy background rugs intrigue me.  So looking at the one below am wondering if all the border was originally very dark but faded.  Or by the time she collected enough textile to finish that lower part this darker textile is what she had?  Oh I'd love to have conversations with some of those ladies.
The Cat and Kittens in the basket is mounted on a frame and said to be hooked between 1887-1899.  It measures 27 x 37.5.
Upon seeing the pattern above it triggered a previously posted antique rug which was only of kittens in a basket.
Giving equal time to dogs, below is a reclining dog which measures 33 x 55.  No other provenance was available on the web site.
Yeah, am sure you'd like to see more.....and I have more but want to save some for a future post.  Happy weekend to you worker bees.  To we oldsters who are retired every day is a weekend.

Happy hooking, stitching, quilting, knitting, etc.



  1. I love a rug show,,,
    Some very interesting mats,,,
    Always see ideas,,,, and love the simpleness of them,,,
    Have good weekend,,,
    Big storm coming today,, and brrrr cold!

  2. What awesome rugs! My fav is the first one though. Janice

  3. The kittens in the baskets crack me up ~
    Always love to see your antique rug posts!


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