Thursday, January 30, 2020

On The Frame

Always fun to have a new project to work on. Am only going to show you a small part of the rug to keep its identity secret for a while.  Some of you may already know what it is and will share that and the designer in my next post when more is hooked.
Well, after 25 years of great service my washer finally died.  Since the dryer is of the same age figure I may as well buy both.  Don't think it would be wise for me to have a repair man come out because it would cost $100 just for the drive here plus hourly rate and cost of parts.  And there would be no warranty.

So today will go out looking at what is available and see how it will hurt my savings account.  Guess I can't really complain since there were 25 years of work from it but still don't like spending that money ~ 
would much rather spend that on rug camps 😁.

Oh, yesterday I saw the funniest antique rug and can't wait until the next antique rug post.

Happy Thursday.



  1. Try to get the basic , no frills washing machines ,and heavy duty , so you wash a quilt . I am on my 2nd one in 18 years ….nothing is made to last anymore . My first one was a Whirlpool $800 , it lasted 7 years , now I have an LG I like , my laundry room is on my first floor & I have to keep the room open or I end up with mildew & have to clean it ….who wants to do that ???? Good luck !!!

  2. Okay, you're ornery! The design looks like it might be a good one ;-) I like outlined figures. My only input on a washer is not to get one that is "water conserving" without an agitator. The one we had (LG) left clothes dirtier than when I put them in - yuk! Put it in the basement and brought the old Kenmore in the house. Good luck!

  3. You are such a tease. Good luck shopping. The prices are going to give you sticker shock.

  4. I know. I know. I hooked that a few years ago :)
    I understand what you mean about spending money on appliances. Just recently I bragged about my water heater and now it is ready to die. When I had my home inspection done the summer of '99, the inspector suggested I replace it. Well, I'm not about to buy something new when the old one is still working. If I am reading the ppwk correctly, it was purchased in '77. Can you believe 40+ years?? I'm sure the new ones aren't made like that!

  5. RIP to your washer. And I don't have a clue

  6. Your new mat looks familiar,,,, I did this one and love it so much!
    No frills on the new appliance, ,,,
    Dont last like they used to,,,
    Have great weekend,,,

  7. I love this pattern. Am planning on making mine into a stool cover/topper.

  8. Ugggh! A new washer & dryer is no fun! Nice hooking start you have going. I think I recognize it. Will watch and see.


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