Saturday, January 11, 2020

On the Frame Again

As I'm typing the title of the post the tune of a Willie Nelson song just popped in my head (On the Road Again).  I'll probably hum that tune all evening long now.  A couple years ago I purchased a pdf pattern from Primitive Heartstrings called "Butter Mold" but I refer to it as Heart Butter Mold since it will be my Valentine's project and has 5 hearts on it.  Actually more if you count the ones inside each other.
Since there is no way to improve on perfection will follow Julie's original color plan.  If you wish to start your own Valentine's project click on the hyperlink above and order yours.  You can enlarge it to whatever size you want, do needle punch or hook it.

Okay, want to check the colors I've used so far.  And as expected I'm not happy with the wavy orange gold ~ I want the more mellow gold.  Found two strips of that in my worm bags and went in search for a more substantial piece.  Can't find anymore in my stash but it's no wonder I can find anything in that pile of wool.
So back to the wool room I go for an intervention ~ an emergency search and least am hoping for a rescue of more of the other gold.

Happy Saturday, or at least it was here and felt like spring with temperatures close to 70* Fahrenheit.  Tomorrow is supposed to be an okay day too but the weather in Delaware is so unpredictable we could have snow in two days.



  1. That is a gorgeous pattern! Your color choices are impeccable so trust you will 'rescue' the right piece for the squiggly line :-)

  2. a very pretty pattern. We have been unusually warm for us it was 56 yesterday and today rain and 52 I think the temps are suppose to drop so we may get some icing I would rather have snow than ice. The sad thing is this ruins skiing and all other outside winter sports.

  3. A sweet pattern,,,
    Had rain,, freezing rain,,, snow,,,
    Still have power!!
    Have fun , saundra,,,

  4. It has been balmy here too , just not right for mid January ! Nice to get out & walk with the dog though !

    I Love this pattern too is on my list to either hook or punch someday !

  5. Hi Saundra,
    How very honored I am to see you hooking my Butter Mold Heart pattern so beautifully!! Your very gracious and generous words are so humbling and are such a compliment coming from you!! Thank you SO MUCH, and hope you have lots of enjoyment working on this piece! I know you will find THE PERFECT WOOL and am so excited to see your progress and finish!! Enjoy, my friend!!
    Big Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  6. What a cute pattern. You probably have it half done already. Hope you will share your progress.

  7. Unseasonably mild weather here in Ohio, too. Yesterday it was in the mid 60's when at times in January it is only 6*. I am not complaining.
    OK. Inquiring minds want to know. To what size did you enlarge the pattern and what cut will you be using for all those leaves? I'm sure this will be another Saundra beauty!


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