Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Heart Butter Mold Update

Accomplished a little more on Primitive Heartstrings design.  It was a pdf pattern which I enlarged to 15.5 x 17.5.  As you can see, the holding line was hooked just outside the exterior drawn line so the finished piece will be a smidgen larger. 
I'm using cuts #8.5, #8 and for the squiggly lines using #6.  The leaves above the heart were hooked with #6 and will probably use some #7 or #8 as well.  Will see what happens as hooking continues.

Early April I have a class with Cindy Irwin so must step up my game on the Cousins rug I want to hook.  Wasn't pleased with my initial try at the drawing on linen so want to redo the sketch of the photo and flip the linen over and redraw the pattern.  It WILL NOT be a narrow cut rug as I plan to hook us in #8 with smaller detail for a hint of an eye, nose, etc.  

Yes I know April is 3 months away but I can only endure so much tension with detail as rug hooking is supposed to be fun and plan to keep it that way.  Have already alerted Cindy that I'm a fickle hooker and may hook it in class or not ~ so plan to take two patterns.  



  1. I love your wool choices for Heart Butter Mold.
    I find choosing a pattern the most stressful part of going to a camp. I've even changed my mind once I've gotten to camp.

  2. That cousins regions like a challenge. This rug is wonderful as always.

  3. You have alot done already, saundra!
    Its looking great,,,
    Always lots of decisions when going away!

  4. Love your heart matt so far ! I usually just hook everything the same width , but will have to incorporate the different widths , makes a big difference for details ...with so many pretty patterns out there , I have a really hard time choosing a favorite !!!

  5. I bought this pattern from Julie when she first made it available and have not done anything with it yet. Love how you are hooking it! Janice

  6. Love all of those reds....perfect for Valentine’s Day. Will be interested in seeing where you go with the cousins rug.


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