Monday, January 20, 2020

Wool in Other Forms

Before becoming obsessed with rug hooking I was likewise addicted to knitting.  My very favorite wool yarn to use was Icelandic Lopi.  What was so cool hooking Icelandic sweaters is they use circular needles which makes the knitting quite simple.

For years I tried to teach myself to knit but couldn't get it.  My Icelandic friend said she could teach me how but I challenged her.  Katla said she knitted the European way not the American way.  OMG, she was right, I did learn and went from one project to the other.

Here are only two of the sweaters I knitted over the years, and of course using Icelandic Lopi.  Also knitted a few Aran cable knit sweaters which are around here somewhere.
And two ponchos I knitted, again with Lopi.
From her trips back to Iceland my friend Katla would bring over Lopi which I'd of course pay her for.  Thinking I'd eventually catch that knitting bug again I held onto the Lopi.  Now I realize that's not going to happen so am selling off my supply.

Below are just two photos among the Icelandic Lopi I have listed on eBay  Compare the prices to those on HAND-KNITTING web site.

Didn't accomplish much at all on my rug project yesterday as I was fussing and cussing at my PC and iPad for not being able to sync music.  Went thru all the hoops and hurdles, followed every instruction, deleted some apps then reinstalled them, restarted the PC, made sure the iTunes app was up to date and the iPad was listed in the control panel, yada yada yada.  

My PC still does not recognize my iPad, therefore will not transfer (sync) the music I downloaded to my iPad.  Sadly the Apple store is about two hours away and don't want to make that drive so will just put up with the issue until I can find someone local I trust who may know something about computers ~ I sure don't.

Now am going to pull a few loops.....finally.



  1. I want to learn to knit but I only have so many hours in a day.

  2. Beautiful sweaters! Have you told your iPad it's okay to share info w/ PC?

  3. You have hooking on the brain. You said the ponchos were!
    Your knitting skills are amazing. I am in total awe!!!

  4. Hi Saundra,
    Sadly, I DO NOT have the knitting gene and am quite happy about it as I have never really wanted to learn, and quite frankly, just CAN'T! Have had THE BEST TEACHERS and they agree with me!! lol I am in total awe of this beautiful craft and admire the finished products so much, as well as the talented hands that can create them! You have yet another ability that you are so good at!!! These are just gorgeous!!! Can't crochet either, but that is OKAY, as I have too many other things I LOVE to do and will just admire those who are gifted!! Sorry for your frustrations with technology!! That is another thing I am hopeless with!!! Hopefully you can get some help or figure it out, or your PC and iPad will call a truce and "play" together!!! Hope you can get back to some hooking!!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  5. Your sweaters are gorgeous ! The only thing I can knit is plain ol scarf ...LOL

  6. Your sweaters are just lovely and am sure comfy! I can knit but not purl. Being a leftie, I could NEVER get the hang of it. Janice

  7. I admire your beautiful knitting. I am a very basic knitter. If I make a mistake I am done. Those pieces are lovely.


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