Monday, May 7, 2012

Counting the Days

Oh my, just 12 more days before camp at Woolley Fox with the delightful lady Barb Carroll.  I have my pattern and have started pulling wool for it.   I usually take a variety of wool choices for the main motif not knowing what Barb would choose.

In the past I have taken 3 plastic containers of wool; one would hold the colors (red, blue, green gold, etc.), another would contain background options (dark and light), the 3rd would contain choices for the main motif whether it be sheep, lion, deer, etc.

However, when it is my turn with Barb at the color planning table it requires me to haul the awkward containers over to her and then back again.  This year is going to be a little different and more organized.

This time I have cut wide strips which I've pinned and put on a ring.  I will take more yardage of each of those wools and keep the plastic container near my seat.  But this is what I will conveniently take to Barb each time it is my turn to visit for the next color planning.  This will be much more manageable for her and me.  I still have some green and background colors to pull but you get the idea.
This is the pattern I will be taking to Barb's and was a design that my dear friend Evelyn Lawrence sent to me.  I mentioned that I wanted to hook an antique tapestry lion.  She said she had one she hadn't hooked and was sending it to me.  Bless her heart, she had even done the research on the original antique shirred rug and sent along a picture of the original antique rug made in 1840. 

I'm sure that Barb will do the "Barb magic" to make my rug even more delightful than the antique rug.  As you can see it is a very primitive and naive design which is JUST MY STYLE!!!!!!

Oh, and do you remember my wool room when it was all nice and tidy?  Unfortunately it is now on the down spiral and destined for destruction.  What you can't see are the heaps of wool on the wonderful antique ice cream parlor table to the left.

So then when I get back from rug camp it will just be worse because.  But right now I'm having too much fun getting ready for rug camp.


  1. Sounds like so much fun and such a great learning time !
    Can I stow away in your luggage ?? Oh , I'm a big girl, you will need a really BIG suitcase for me !
    your rug is going to be amazing !
    I love the antique rugs and what a sweet friend to send you the pattern and info on the original !!
    Oh,,,,AND.... speaking of wool room stole his desk back from my studio, now I have everything from on top, inside and the drawers sitting willy nilly and need to find something else to put in here for storage of my papers etc....
    I DID tell him he could have it back...should've kept my mouth

  2. Saundra ~
    My wool room is once again a mess, too. I need more shelves ~ or maybe less! I don't think so but I'm trying to color plan my next rug (which is torture for me) and I can't find anything I like that goes together. Sure wish you were closer to help me.
    Hugs :)

  3. still looks ok to me mine looks like it was shaken up and put back on the foundation.

  4. I absolutely love the lion pattern. Isn't that awesome. Oh man, what yu will do with that one.

    Would you like me to come up, spoil Ben and straighten your wool room? I can do that. Heh heh heh!!!!!!! What is that lovely lion I see laying on the floor????? I'm a LEO........just sayin.............

  5. The whimsical lion rug in the wool room is a design by Bev Conway called Rufus. He was fun to hook.


  6. I can't keep quiet! I am laughing.
    Just why is some of your wool all foled pretty and some is crammed into plastic bins? Let that wool breathe girl. LOL. OK, when I sneak up, I will free the wool and organize the shelves, too.
    I only say this because you can't see the state of my hooking room.
    I wanna come and hook with you!!!!!!

  7. You really plan ahead for your trip! I always just fly by the seat of my pants!! I missed my trip to Barb's in April ~ by choice ~ but I definitely missed going. You'll have a great time and I bet Barb will appreciate your new method for color planning!!

  8. Saundra,
    I'll take a messy wool room over nothing! I am into my second year of house hunting and paying rent on a storage unit. Please take lots of notes at Barb's. I wish I could stow away and go with you, but I really need a house first.

    Love the lion rug you are going to do!



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