Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tour of Guest House at Woolley Fox

This is the Guest House which my roomie Deb and I stayed in for classes with Barb 2009 and 2010.  This is us in front of the entrance.
And just outside the guest house is a delightfully moss crusted mushroom.

This a little smaller than the Woolley Cottage but still has the gas fireplace and same kitchen amenities except for no dishwasher.  And in the kitchen there is a tea cozy covering the kettle and just love that toy pig and rider.

The Three Bears rug hanging is an antique and the windows look out to a balcony of a delightful wooded area and fish pond ~ delightful scenery as you hook out there.

Here is the rug up closer.
I just loved this Jester sitting on the shelf along with lots of reading materials and radio/CD/tape player for entertainment.  The sideways bandit has hit again......my sorry. 

The bedroom had a double bed in it when Deb and I stayed here, so she slept in this room and I slept in the living room on the sofa bed.  However, this year there are two single beds in this room which would make for much better accommodations.  Isn't the Boston Baked Beans rug wonderful?

This is a proddy sheep which hangs in the bedroom.

And this cute picture of a pig on a cleaver hangs high above the steps as you get to the living quarters above their shipping room.

I thought I had lots more pictures of the inside of the guest house, but this tour is seeming a little skimpy to me.  Thought for sure I had a picture from the balcony.  So next year I'll have to invite myself over to the other gals' place and take those pictures.   And must say that I have numerous wonderful pictures of inside Barb's home but I am going to respect her privacy and personal space and not show those.  

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  1. What a wonderful place! Looks so inviting!

  2. What a wonderful tour Thanks for including us.

  3. I really enjoyed all your photos!

  4. Thanks for the pic of you and Deb and thanks for the tour!!!
    Hugs :)


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