Sunday, May 13, 2012

Original Artist Pieces I Own

There are several rug hooking artists whom I admire.  One such person is Tonya Robey of Mad Hen.  I am fortunate enough to have purchased some of her original pieces on e-bay ~ well, before being divorced from and when I had more cash flow.  I cannot remember which one I purchased first so will just post pictures of the ones I have in my collection and which are displayed at all times in my  humble home.  This one is in the computer room in front of a chair which has the same color blue.

This hooked heart pillow and foot stool was also offered on e-bay by Tonya and snapped that up too.  This is also in the computer room.  And, in case you are wondering, the hooked face bag holds some rug hooking equipment (hooks, gripper cleaner, sharpie pen, etc.  Since I make dolls the other side has a black face hooked on it and has a zipper closure.  I made two and sold one.

And this one was offered before Halloween one year and wanted a little something to put out for the occasion.

In the same room and to my right is a painting done by Tonya, after my ex left me, moved out, and the tension was no longer there, this painting spoke volumes to me.  Don't know if you can see the words or not, but it says, "Free to be Me".  The picture is hanging straight on my wall, I just didn't take a very good picture.

This is a cute piece which is on the school marm's desk in my kitchen and just may have been the first piece I purchased.

Seems to me that I recall Tonya saying the two crows piece was designed as a beginner kit for a class she was teaching.  Notice how she must have dyed the wool which is used to bind the piece as the colors blend in so nicely.

Was lucky to be able to get this one too, this piece resides in the office on top of a credenza, the office was my ex's office but is now mine.  And hanging on the wall is a design of Mad Hen's called Fat Dog, which I have shown you previously in another post at some point.

Almost forgot about this next one, this one is in the living room beside the love seat.  Dang, not only did the flash wash out the nice colors, but I see there is a piece of my wool on it.

Not only do I have these originals hooked by Tonya, but I was one of the lucky people who was given a design of hers to hook for one of her Inspirations, booklets.  Boy that was wonderful to be given her design for free, she provided the wool, I sent it back to be photographed for her book and she sent it back to me to keep.  Definitely a WIN WIN situation there for sure.  She didn't have any restrictions on color choices except she did say she wanted the dark for the sky.

Tonya presently has one of her originals on e-bay for sale and wish that I could afford to buy yet another original.  And guess it is foolish of me to advertise it to everyone who reads my blog because now it will surely be unaffordable for me to purchase it.  

OOPS, I am editing my post because while walking thru the house noticed one that I'd forgotten to  mention and show a picture of...... also got lucky buying this one on e-bay.  Love this rug a LOT.  

I have one of her kits still to hook (A Day in the Country) and with having the wool all ready don't know why I haven't pulled it out to hook it up ~ no muss, no fuss, but it is still waiting for me.  And, I still have several of her patterns on hairless linen to hook one day.  Too many rugs and not enough time.

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  1. Wow Saundra! You have a great collection there - and it sounds like you have them all out on display so you can see and enjoy them on a regular basis. Lovely!

  2. Saundra ~
    What a wonderful collection of rugs!!! My favorite is the house with the fish pond. I love the one you hooked for her, too.
    Happy Mother's Day to you!
    Hugs, dear friend :)

  3. Hi, Saundra,
    Lucky you to own so many beautiful rugs, the horse is my favorite (of course). Be sure to take lots of pictures of Rug Camp for us to drool over...

  4. Hi Saundra
    I also did a rug for Tonya's inspiration books. I thought that was so very generous of her to let us have the rugs. Actually it's one of my favorites too. I love her work and she's a great gal too.


  5. Hi, Saundra,
    Hope you get the rug...I just checked out her site on ebay, and there is a pattern I like very reasonably priced. I have her books but have never ordered a pattern from her. Are they nicely drawn?


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