Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Wool Chronicles

Oh my.... I just got my wool order from Heavens to Betsy and I'm in love.  These are the wools I just washed ~ sorry it is showing up so dark, I am not great at photography or lighting.
Okay, starting from the top is the wool which was used in my rug started at Woolley Fox with Barb  Carroll.  While at the color planning table with her she explained her usage of wool with not only the wool I took but the little I purchased from her.  The top one was first purchased from Barb at camp and she said that when hooked it looks like antique rags and is a "must have" in the wool stash ~ obviously this girl bought some from Barb.  Then when arriving home and looking at Betsy's web site realized this was Betsy's "SMOKING JOE".  Well dont'cha know I ordered more from Betsy since Barb said it is a "must have".

The next photo is the rug I'm working on using Smoking Joe and you can see that piece of wool just inside around the border of the rug to the far right and a larger section below the tree on the far right.  It also extends toward the left in the ground and will continue across the bottom and all around.
In the washed wool stack, the middle darker wool is absolutely more beautiful in person than is depicted here or on Betsy's web site but Betsy's web site will give you a better picture of it.  This wool is a wonderful teal but then has some light and spark in it as well.  Lovely wool and am sure I'll use it in lots of rugs because I remember Kris Miller saying that "teal is the new purple".  (Shsssssh, don't say that loud enough for Barb to hear).

Then finally at the bottom is Goose Feathers, also from Betsy's site.  I fell in love with that wool and Shari told me that she bought a piece from Barb to put in her rug but I'm not sure where Shari used it.  All I can say is that it is one fantastic texture and washes up a smidgen darker than the photo on Betsy's web site.

And, ya see the little strip just under my lion?  See the lighter areas in the two trees to the right?  That same wool will also appear in the green areas in the trees to the left.  That is wool that I took to Barbs and was found at an outside community sale; actually I was given my share of a piece of wool by my friend Deb who was kind enough to share it.
So, when Barb was going thru my wool she went bonkers over this piece of wool and wanted me to give her some.  Uh, well, I didn't have much but had an idea in my  mind.  So again, going into the brain of Barb's rug planning she said that she saw this piece of wool as either a very dirty and used wash rag or an old school boy's school britches which had been worn to rags.

I thoroughly enjoy Barb's explaining how she sees wool in rugs to make them look old.  So hearing this about this Scottish wool and the "Smokey Joe" makes you know what needs to be in your stash.

Now, don't go and get your hopes up as I'm not sure this is going to happen.   BUT...when I came home from Woolley Fox I sent Betsy a sample of the Scottish wool ~ enough for her to see the repeat.  Betsy and Erica do a great job on anticipating the needs of the teachers and hookers so don't know where down the line this milling process may or may not take place, OR..... if it ever will.  But can tell you that I will guard what is left of this piece of wool with my life.

Hope you enjoyed the wool chronicles and maybe there will be future posts about wools and how they are used.

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  1. loved it you wool is wonderful and your rug is great.
    good to see things through barbs eyes.

  2. I LOVE how the first one hooks up !! It is amazing how the wool adds such dimension depending on the colors and patterns in the different plaids, checks and marbled pieces...
    Love your new rug also !!!

  3. Invaluable tips!!!!!!!! Thanks!


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