Thursday, May 17, 2012

Frost Sheep Finally Hanging

The  E.S. Frost rug has been bound and ready for hanging for weeks but finally got around to putting it over the mantel of the fireplace today.  Guess the limited time has lit a fire under 'me bum' to finish some unfinished tasks before I leave for Barb's.  Tomorrow is the last day here to finish the other items on my 'to do' list.  I can see my edge is a little wavy and guess I must have been guilty of packing a little heavy in some areas.  But hey, this is my rug and not to be juried.  Besides, our foremother's rugs bring in hefty prices and they probably had wavy edges too.  So figure I'm in good company.

I'm hoping to find time or take time to post something tomorrow but this may be my last post until I return home from camp on the evening of the 24th.  Guess time will be the deciding factor in that.

Not to worry animal lovers, my beautiful boy Ben will be well taken care of when Bruce arrives to watch over the house and care for the Ben.  I like it much better when my pets can stay in their own surroundings during my absence.  GAWD, isn't he handsome?  Yes, he is strong but he is one gentle loving boy.

Want to tell you that I am in a frenzy.... a child waiting for Santa... it is almost time to go to Woolley Fox with my other gal pals.  We gals have been friends for years!  Three of us first met thru making dolls in a doll club in Maryland.  Then we met Char at Cape May at a rug camp and she fit right in our group.  So we are a band of hookers travelling together whenever we can.  Matter of fact, here we are at a Delaware  hooking gathering at my place in Delaware in 2011.

On the far left is me and dearly departed Shadow.  I just wish I had a picture of the five of us girls together which wouldn't get me crying.  I miss you Shadow. OMG, how can it be that it can be 10 months after she is gone and am still sobbing when I see her vibrant?

Okay, anyway, moving on....I'm planning on taking lots of pictures at Barbs so plan to entertain you when I return.  So the picture above is us gals who will be at Barbs.  ...... to be continued.........


  1. I love the sheep rug, Grief passes for each one differently. The only real comfort in grief, I think is that it does pass if we let it. I miss my doggies & they have been gone many years, the pain is more sweet now than sorrow.

  2. The sheep rug looks beautiful over the fireplace. :-)

  3. Saundra, i just became a follower of your blog.i just got back from Delaware myself. where do you love? i was born and raised in Seaford. Denise

  4. The sheep rug looks great! Looking forward to your pictures!

  5. Can't wait til you get home so you can share a blow-by-blow of how your week with BC went. I just know you had a ball!!!!!!


  6. Hi, Saundra,
    Would you share with me how you hung your Frost rug? It looks wonderful. I want to hang a rug over my fireplace, on brick. Would it work to mount the rug on thin plywood, then hang it just like you would a framed picture? So sorry about your beautiful Shadow, I am an animal lover and understand how you suffer when losing one.


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