Monday, May 28, 2012

Woolley Fox mini-Tour

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to visit Woolley Fox, come with me as I show you around Woolley Cottage and the Guest House.  I have had the joy of residing in both buildings and each has it's own special personality.  And as I'm going thru the numerous photos taken of both places guess I should do one cabin at a time.  So I'll do the Woolley Cottage first and that is where my very first stay was 5 years ago and where I stayed the last two years

As you climb the curved steps up to the Cottage this is the welcoming site greeting us.  Just look at the patina and moss growing on the cement bird bath and the fern growing between the deck planks.  My intentions are to hook this one day.....maybe.  And immediate to the left of it is the bird house which is occupied this spring by a nesting Bluebird.
To the right of the birdbath you would walk to a back deck which is completely covered by a large canopy and quaint art work to make the back porch homey and comfortable.  You could see the rattan furniture in yesterday's blog albeit a little dark.  Love this chicken.
And along this same wall are these cute bird houses; both these items and a rattan sofa are backed up against the kitchen's exterior wall.
And then as we go inside we would enter the kitchen first.  Immediately to the right along the wall is this cute display, something about those colors !!!!!  DANG IT!!!!!!!!  I hate when I take a picture with my camera turned and even tho I do the rotate thing on my Paint program it comes out like this.  But guess you can get the idea.  
To the right coming in would be the sink, microwave, dishwasher, etc.  Even the window sill in the kitchen is adorned with cuteness ~ this overlooks the deck and we have seen deer moving about on the hill and wooded area from that location.
The refrigerator would be behind me as I take this picture.  As we leave the kitchen the cozy living area would be to the right of the kitchen door.  The first year staying in the Cottage it was in November and this propane log fireplace was cozy and kept us warm.  The small TV was not there, we brought it down from the closet but discovered it didn't work anyway ~ sorry that it destroys the ambiance of the scene
The mantel above the fireplace was changed around this year and this is what it looks like now.  Check out that sheep with the scarf. 
 Here is a closer look at the sheep with a scarf.  Oh, and there is beauty and antiques galore; see the antique quilt hanging over the door which leads to the kitchen and to the deck to the left.
In that room is a hutch, a dining table, 3 love seats (one of which opens into a bed) and this ornate cabinet with the gorgeous hooked fox rug.  Oh no, not again...... one of the love seats you can see to the left in the picture.
To the right of this cabinet you would enter the two bedroom and bath.  But before that you would see this 'bear sentry'.  What you can't see because it is hidden behind the quilt in this photo, is a chain which is an obvious sign that we are not allowed upstairs.  And, the door upstairs has a lock on it.  Uh huh.....can you guess what is in there?  Wool, wool and more wool storage.

Needless to say it was fun for us to make up stories ~ and these were made up by us and not fact ~  We didn't dare even to climb those stairs to the top because we imagined the Sentry had a hidden camera in the eye and would give the truth about who disobeyed the obvious rule of the cottage....'do not enter'.  And we continued to make up elaborate stories that first night.
Further up the steps hangs this beautifully hooked rug.  Hey, I stood on a chair, to capture this somewhat blurry photo ~ nope, I did not climb the stairs.
Below the stair case is this cute ensemble.  Santa is sitting in a child's rocker.
 And to the right of it is this hand made horse, which I love.
Here is another view of the ensemble.
So heading toward the bathroom this closet had it's door removed and provides a soft light for us as we awake in the middle of the night to guide our way to the rest room.  If standing and looking at the Ark the bathroom would be to your immediate right.  If I were to turn around and put my back toward the Ark, Char's room would be the one on the left and Deb and I sleep in single beds in the bedroom to the right.  
I am sure that I have photos of the rooms but they would be in my archive photos and once I publish the blog will go in search of them.  But for now will post the picture of a rug which Barb hooked with Emma Lou Lais and it hangs on the wall in Char's room.
Well kiddies.  I hope there aren't so many pictures that some or most end up with the dreaded red X.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the Guest House which is a smidgen closer to Barb's home than the Cottage.

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