Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More of My Hooked Items

At Cape May in a Bev Conway class I hooked HERB ANGEL which is a design by Brenda Gervais.  It was a needle punch design and wrote to Brenda asking permission to hook it, which she generously granted.  

The angel's hair is hooked with a red/orange thick and thin wool which I have yards and yards of.  The huge cone was purchased when working for Sunset Designs, a stitchery company located on Crow Canyon Rd., San Ramon, CA.  The company was started in a garage by Tom Cundith. Oh it feels good to think about such memories of that great job.
There was another class with Bev Conway scheduled at another camp and wondered what to hook.  At first my mind went directly to a Deanne Fitzpatrick's design whith slender women standing along the coastline waving their scarves.  OMG, I wanted to hook that so badly.

But, as I was going thru a divorce and not a youngster any longer, it didn't feel right.  Instead I hooked what I've named the Olde Gals.  To me they embody the celebration of women friends of all sizes.  No longer youthful, no longer wearing the latest fashions, but friendship forever.  Still love this piece and it hangs just off the living room so that each time climbing the stairs to the wool room I see these lovely ladies.
The little mat below was a Tonya Robey  pattern I hooked as a sample for the photo shoot of one of her pattern booklets.  As the initials are still SS instead of SP it must have been hooked pre divorce and her booklet has a date of 2007.
Below is a wonderful Edyth O'Neill pattern called Birds and Pomegranates.  The pattern was in a book to enlarge and hook. The rug sold at one of my shows as that was a time of wondering if I'd be able to make ends meet.  
Time has gotten away with me and must clean up the kitchen then hook on Gossip.



  1. I love your rugs and the stories that go with them...I sold many a rug to cover my bills...my pattern booklets were a lifesaver...

  2. Love the rugs I especially love the old gals.

  3. All beautiful rugs and designs.


  4. Great rugs!
    Looking forward to many more :)

  5. Love seeing these mats and ur stories! Wow,,,, been there, done that! Yikes,,,, hope never again,,,,,

  6. Such nice rugs with great color choices! The Herb Angel is a favorite!

  7. More great rugs !!! It had to be hard to part with them though ....

  8. cutest hineys ever on the Old Gals! beautiful rugs, ~ all....

  9. Hi Saundra,
    Love the stories behind each wonderful rug!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!!! You are an inspiration!!!
    Heart Hugs~

  10. My favorite is the old gals. I can identify. You have a good memory about those rugs.


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