Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sincerely Jane back on my frame

Now that my stool pad has been hooked and bound it was time for me to do a couple more blocks on my Sincerely Jane challenge rug.  I wanted so much to try and stay more close to the colors that Jane Stickle used in her quilt piece but because I randomly used designs to fit a #8 cut found it necessary to change color.

After hooking these I noticed they are all medium values and guess that is okay since I've a light value as the second color and for me to use a dark would over power the piece and to use another light value would be lost with the light value of the back and sashing.

 What I might do is reverse the same colors in the 3rd row.  So the top left color would be used in the far right square of the 3rd row.  And would choose (I think) some different and some same colors or similar colors for row two and four and reverse those too.  Well, that's my plan right now but who knows what direction I'll end up going in when the rubber meets the road.

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