Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snippet Dyeing Results

Yesterday after I'd put the off-white wool sprinkled with snippets in to soak I pulled out another piece of wool but chose a pink piece of wool.  This one I filled with longer pieces of wool strips, yarn and more lavender.

Here is again, a picture of the off-white piece of wool I sprinkled with snippets in yesterday's picture. 

And below you can see that the bleeding of the red family wools have influenced the results of the white piece of wool which is on the right side.  That piece also had more orange, gold and salmon colored snippets.  I was surprised that the lavender placed on the pink piece of wool didn't make much of a showing.  But then you just don't know what is going to be a great bleeder until you try it.

And when I flipped those two pieces of wool over it is obvious to the eye that the part of the wool on the bottom was that part which was exposed in the pot and has a more even dye effect.  You can also see where the tied sections were.

This was fun to do again and will make adding pieces of this into a flower more interesting. 


  1. Made a fun confetti look which is what you would expect. I love it. This is something I think I will try in the future too. Thanks for sharing with us Saundra.

  2. Saundra ~
    Thanks for sharing. I've never seen this technique before.
    Happy spring :)

  3. That has to be a fun way to dye!


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