Friday, March 4, 2011

SJ Challenge update

Last night I finished the 4th block and could have easily done many more but life gets in the way plus there are 3 other projects underway at the same time.  Oops, if you consider the Magdalena Eagle rug which needs to still be bound that makes it 4. 

And as much as I love seeing the robins and hearing all the bird sounds and watching the activity at my bird feeders, that does mean spring is knocking on my door.  Yes, spring is a wonderful sight to behold after the last two winters and snow here in Delaware, but that also means sharing my hooking time with grass cutting and other yard work.

Here is my Sincerely Jane at the moment.  And I'm hoping to have more done when it is time to post my progress in the Rughookers photo section.


  1. Saundra ~
    Lookin' good. I'm looking forward to spring but the yard work will definitely take away from the hookin' time.
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Lauren ~ I love that hooked image you use and would love to see the whole rug. If you read this I'd love to see the whole thing and you can send it to

  3. Just loving your rug so far Saundra. I really enjoy your blog also. You're doing a great job! I hate to see winter end.... I know it was a rough one but I just love winter and snow. It just seemed to go by so fast. Keep on hooking!!


  4. Wow! You are really moving along on this rug. Love your blog!

  5. You seem to be making a good start on the SJ rug. Am anxious to see how it goes and if you will need the whole year to finish.



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