Thursday, March 31, 2011

Magdalena Eagle rug

Magdalena's Eagle rug has been hooked for a while but since I'm not fond of binding rugs (I'd rather hook'em) it sat around rolled up for a while.  Finally I couldn't avoid the inevitable since I've gal pals coming here in April for a hook-in so figured I'd better bite the bullet and bind it.

The original Magdalena Eagle rug measured 30" x 42 1/2" and mine is a tad short measuring in at 27" x 39 1/2".  And it does require some fudging when it comes time to hook if trying to stay fairly true to her color scheme.  While I did a lot of hooking in #8.5 there were some areas where I had to reduce the size to #7 so I could wedge the colors in.  But then I'm sure Magdalena used various cuts and used what he had.

I will put a label on the back of this rug, just as I did my Domestic Zoo and the Dog and Birds, indicating the original size and the size of the reproduction.  That way people will not be mistaken that the rug is the same as the original hooked by Magdalena. 

The picture of the rug shows up as lighter and sorta washed out whereas in person it is darker.  But with the walking on the rugs after they are displayed, that will mellow these great pieces just fine. 

Perhaps I'll take a break from Magdalena rugs for a while.  My intentions were to have 3 Magdalena rugs in one particular room in the house.  I haven't put the other two out yet because I wanted them to age at the same rate.  And, even now that the Eagle is bound won't put it out because it will go for a show-n-tell at Cape May in September. I have a dog and don't want dog hair all over it before I take it to the rug show. So all 3 of them will have their grandstand showing in my home when I return from rug camp.


  1. Very antique looking...lovely work! I don't love binding either. It's the whipping that seems to take so long. But, I'm getting better!

  2. Yes, the whipping does take longer. I've whipped with wool yarn and wool strips and neither are fun.

  3. Love that pop of blue against the other drab colors....FABULOUS!

  4. Tammy, I wish I could get credit for that but it was Magdalena who chose those colors from what she had. You can see her original rug in a book called Rags to Rugs by Patricia Herr on page 148. Well, maybe mine is not the exact color but then both she and I use 'what we have' to hook our rugs.


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