Friday, March 18, 2011

Sincerely Jane makes an appearance

Yikes, this blog thing is a real commitment and feel like I'm not living up to my end by providing a learning experience to newbies or information to oldies like me.  I've been busy, life happens and now that warm weather is upon us (which is a GOOD thing) it also requires grass cutting and other extra curricular activities other than hooking and dyeing.

I have hooked the first row of my design and think the rest will be a lot more of a challenge.  I'll want to use some of the same colors but won't want them next to one another, nor will I want them in the very next row.  I've tried to keep the colors in a medium value and not brights yet.  But now don't think it would be a good time to introduce brights since the first row is rather generic and a dull palate.

When I started this project I really did want to try and hook it as Jane did with her quilt, particularly with the light background and sashing.  Also her color palate wasn't really bright.  Yes, she has some gorgeous red calico fabrics which I was really looking forward to hooking (red) but then the other colors in her calico neutralized it a bit.  So now the work begins for me.  I'm so afraid of picking colors that won't be compatible with the colors above, below or beside the other hooked squares.  I guess that is why this is called a "CHALLENGE".

I'm sure that I'll break a few rules along the way and I just might reverse hook some colors after it is all hooked to try and make a good family with all the square's colors.

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  1. Saundra...I love your SJ rug so far. Love the colors, it's really coming along nicely!



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