Sunday, April 17, 2011

Delaware Hook-in

Oh what a marvelous 3 days we had here at my home with gal pals hooking, laughing, checking out every one's wool, eating, drinking and basically just enjoying friendship.  Even tho it was in my home, these gals spoiled me rotten; I was not allowed to lift a finger to anything as they cooked and cleaned up.   Plus everyone brought me some goodies so I told them I was having another hook-in next week again.... we all had a good laugh at that.

This is the pattern I worked on and did get a little more accomplished on it but took a lot of time outs to chat, laugh and don't know about the rest of you but seems when I talk or listen to my pals I stop what I'm doing and look at them.  Guess I am not good at multi-tasking by talking and hooking.

I had intended to take pictures of all the rugs we were working on but had so much fun that the time slipped by all too soon. The only partial rug is on my friend Shari's frame in the picture below.

On Thursday two of the gals went to the MD Shores rug show in Ocean City, MD while 3 of us stayed behind to hook.  But the girls who did go took lots of pictures of the rugs to share with us and tantalized us with their purchases from the rug camp store. 

So here we are all together; from left to right there is me and my dog Shadow, Shari, Deb, Mary and Char.  We make quite a fun group and we will all be together in one month when we take a class in Ligonier, PA with the delightful and talented Barb Carroll.


  1. Looks and sounds like paradise! Hate to say, I'm a teensy bit jealous!

  2. Your hook-in sounds wonderful! What a pleasure to be with friends doing something that you love to do!

  3. Saundra ~
    What fun. Sure wish I could join you.
    Now don't forget to take lots of pics at Barbara Carroll's!!!
    Hugs :)

  4. Saundra,

    Having a hook-in with you sounds so appealing. Glad everyone had a great time and there was no snow on the ground!



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