Monday, April 4, 2011

Woodland Deer Rug

This is a rug I purchased from and hooked at the Woolley Fox; it and is an adaptation of an antique rug.  Since I live on Woodland Drive and have deer roaming the acreage here it seemed only natural for me to hook this rug and display it in front of my fireplace in my home.  Barb Carroll has a magnificent eye for color and I dearly love the results.

After I took a picture of the finished rug and sent it to a friend, she wrote back asking if I'd ever seen a picture of the original antique.  I told her I hadn't, so she kindly sent me this page from an antique magazine.

Soon it will be time to go to Woolley Fox for another mini-workshop and I'm as excited as if it were my first time there.  I already know what I'm going to hook and it is another antique adaptation which I will transfer to linen (it is old enough that there is no copyrite issue) but the design will remain a secret until after I return home from Barb's so I can share my progress with you.


  1. What a wonderful job - looks great

  2. I envy you taking classes from Barb Carroll - it's on my dream list! LOL Love your rug!

  3. Thanks Joanne and Gayle. It is a dream every time I take a class with her. We stay on her premises in the B&B style buildings and hook in her home. She even allows us to take pictures throughout her house and it is a thrill each time, just like it is my first.

  4. Lucky you!!! One of these days I hope to take a class at Ligonier. I am just thankful that I did get in her abbreviated class at the ATHA bienniel ~ better than not getting in at all!
    Hugs :)

  5. Beautiful rug! Bring Barb a rubber ducky for her pond :)


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