Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In progress

This is a rug that I am working on when not hooking on my Sincerely Jane Challenge rug.  It was a Home Tweet Home kit I picked up on e-bay several months which also included Karen Kahle's wool because the tags were still in the bags explaining what colors were to go where.

The birdhouse colors I changed up a little as the stripe appearance didn't appeal to me so went with more red.  However, in person you can see some other colors which might give the appearance of a weathered birdhouse. 

Since my hook-in with gal pals will start this afternoon, this is probably the one I will work on between chatting, laughing, eating and having a few glasses of wine.  What is a hook in with pals without sharing a little of the grape in the afternoon.


  1. Oh, that sounds like heaven! I love this little mat. I really like Karen Kahle's designs anyway! Have a good Hook-in time!

  2. I LOVE the "movement" in this one. Very nice. Shiraz-Yellow tail is my fave at the moment :)


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