Saturday, April 30, 2011

Home Tweet Home

With granma responsibilities over for the Easter vacation I was able to finish hooking the Karen Kahle pattern Home Tweet Home and finally post another segment on my blog.  Amazing how much energy a 7 year old boy has.  I was so anxious to share a picture of it that I took this picture even before it is trimmed and bound.

I was quite lucky to get this on e-bay for a song....along with enough of Karen's wool to hook the entire thing.  And even tho some of the wool was cut more narrow that I prefer to hook with, I used the wool anyway.  Hey, waste not want not is my mantra.  And if you could see my wool room you would know that lack of wool is not an issue.

Hard to believe that when I started rug hooking there was absolutely no stash at all.  And I am embarrassed to show anyone that room now because it looks like I am in the wool selling business.

So now I'll pull out my Sincerely Jane challenge rug and hook a couple more blocks on that until I decide on what else I'm going to hook.  Since my least favorite thing to do is bind rugs, I'll let this Home Tweet Home rest a few days and then do my stitching around and trim in preparation of the binding.


  1. Don't you just love Karen's designs? They are always so sweet! Love the beautiful background!!!!

  2. Thanks Tammy. Yes, I love her designs and have a few more lingering around to hook.

    I mixed cuts in the background because the woman from whom I purchased this already had from #4 to #8 cuts and I used all and mixed. Couldn't believe how lucky I was to get the pattern AND Karen's wool for such a good price.

  3. I love Karen's patterns. I've been using wool for my current project which I dyed using her formulas. I just love the colors. Your rug is sweet! You did a beautiful job!

  4. Saundra ~
    The rug looks great. I'm with you on the binding part. I finished my Magadalena rug a couple months ago and it still is not bound and it's been on my goal list for two months. Maybe next month...grin.
    Those little boys are full of energy. My grandson is six and it's just go, go, go.
    Pug hugs :)


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