Monday, April 11, 2011

Another face lift for a rug

If you have been following my blog you know that I did a face lift for a rug that I was unhappy with and it was a 6 year old rug.  And, I mentioned that same time there was another who needed a face lit too.  Well, today I pulled that baby off the floor and made a face lift.  Now, I must admit this photo is a little washed out as it was taken soon after being hooked and was outside on my back porch.  But even in the house I knew it needed a little nip and tuck after it was hooked. 

But hey, the rug is done, right?  Just bind it and put it on the floor or the wall.  Yet, every time I walked on it, by it, saw a picture of it, I knew that it had to be fixed. 

Perhaps my motivation was that 4 rug hooker gal pals are coming here for a Saundra's Hook-in on Wednesday.  Three of the four gals have walked on this rug for years and don't even think they will notice the change.  But I will know and will be happier.    I LOVED the pattern Harry ever since I saw it in an older issue of RHM.  And I'm loving Harry even more now.

So here is how my Harry looks now.  And, this photo was taken inside the house so it will be a little more mellow in appearance vs. washed out from the sunlight.

Oh yeah, baby... that's what I'm talking about.  This is MUCH better!!!!!  That dividing line between the border and background makes a huge difference.  And when I got out my value finder before, the values were completely the same between the pink border and background.  So now with this dividing line it makes everything stand out much more. 


  1. Yep you are right, it does look better but I would never have realized it if I hadn't seen the before and after. Love the bunny!

  2. It looks fantastic. I wouldn't have known what to do, but I can see right away how it helps. I love how much I'm learning from all of the rug hooking blogs! Thanks, for sharing this fix!

  3. What a great eye you have! I would have walked over the rug and not worried about the values. Your re-do makes it really zing!

    Now in my house, that would never go on the floor. Having to look down so much and you bet I would trip over it!

    Wish I could make the hook-in. Next time, raise a glass for me!



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