Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Sincerely Jane Challenge

I've been working alternately between two main rugs ~ Home Tweet Home and the Sincerely Jane challenge.  Actually I do have another rug started but one I hook on only when I go somewhere to demonstrate.  So since my dear grandson Zachary will be with me this next week during their Easter and Spring break thought I'd do two more blocks on the SJ and move it out of the  living room to make room for my grandson.  I'll still have one rug in progress in there but don't want to monopolize all the living space with my 'stuff'.

Here is the rug now.  It has progressed so easily and without being bored that I probably should have (could have) taken on a larger endeavor.  But definitely not the full size as some of the challengers have taken on.

Perhaps the time away from the SJ rug will give me a little time to reflect on my next move........ do I introduce new colors or repeat what I've used?  From the picture I can see that if I follow a reverse of row one that I will have a green to the left of a green on the second row.... no can do, even tho they are different textures, they are still both green.  And the haunting question is:  what am I going to do with the border? 

So I think it is good to put away the SJ piece for a few days and 'sleep on it'.  Actually, I heard that term is appropriately used since having an unanswered question in the mind the answers sometimes come to a person in a dream subconsciously.  So I'm hoping for some answers during REM sleep.


  1. It's just beautiful! I love this rug!

  2. I love your rug! Being a quilter and a rug hooker, this really appeals to me. Love your colors.


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