Monday, May 23, 2011

Home from Camp

Oh my goodness but it was great being at Woolley Fox again and Barb did her magic with each of our rugs.  You realize, of course, that I didn't get the rug done yet since it was only a 3 day mini-session.  So you will have to wait to see pictures until I get a little more hooked.  But I do have a few pictures to share with you today. 

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures in Barb's studio this year but here is a picture of two of us who attended this year, Deb to the left, Char and Bonnie and this picture was taken 2008.  The rug you see to the right is where I was sitting and hooking on the Kinderhook Basket design.  All to the left the right and behind me is covered with wool, wool, wool in every imaginable color and texture you can imagine.

Below is a picture of me hooking on that rug in 2008.

 Barb is very generous in taking us on a tour of her magnificent home and we are allowed to take pictures of anything and everything. 3 of us gals had been to Barb's several times but 2 of the gals were enjoying their maiden voyage. So since they were lingering behind us I could hear ooohs and ahhhs as well as gasps of breath as they enjoyed the hooked rugs throughout their tour. 

And, of course this picture is of the original antique which inspired Barb's Ligonier Duo design; it is awe inspiring to be able see up close and touch those antique rugs.

Here are 3 of the gals and I apologize to my friends for a poor and blurry picture but I tried to hurry and snap it before anyone could object.  The result of course is a poor picture.  But from left to right is my friend Shari, Deb, Char and then the Queen herself, Barb Carroll.

Over the bed is a hooked horse which is an antique but Barb seems to think that it isn't an E.S. Frost but in that era by another pattern maker of the time.

Three of us stayed in her Woolley Cottage and this is remarkable reminder of where we were as it was in our living room to enjoy each time we went to the bathroom or bedrooms.

I've many more photos of rugs but don't want to post them all here.  So savour these and if you ever have an opportunity to take a class with Barb Carroll, please do yourself a favor and sign up.  I know she is teaching at ATHA in Lancaster this October but those classes filled quickly.  But if you do, Barb will only work with textures; she does not consider mottled wool a texture.  It can be over dyed wool but must be over dyed over a texture.


  1. Saundra ~
    What fun! I'm anxious to see what your are hooking.
    I got in Barb's 4 hour class at the ATHA bienniel. I had hoped for the all day, but I'm thankful I at least got in the half day. Hopefully some day I can go hook at the Woolley Fox!
    Hugs :)

  2. Lauren, My girlfriend Shari (who was also at Barb's with me) signed up for a full day class with her at ATHA but that was full as was the half day so they started making nighttime classes since there were so many applicants.


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