Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More of Woolley Fox camp

Thought I'd post a couple more pictures taken at Barb Carroll's Woolley Fox.  Believe it or not I have not pulled one loop on the rug I started at the mini-camp because I've been so busy since coming home.  And let me tell you I'm not the least bit happy about that because I am dying to put it back on a frame and get a little more hooked so I can share my rug with you.  However, I will share a few more pictures that were taken at Barbs.

This one below you are probably familiar with.....Sante Fe Crossing.  It is at the top of the stairs on the second floor and makes a great showing as it takes you to the various other rooms filled with antiques and wonderful hooked rugs.

Barb loves and collects all things related to critters (bears, rabbits, pigs, horses) and also loves and collects things relating to the Ark.  This is a hooked piece which is over the door which leads from the living room to the dining area (left to the bookshelf) where we have lunch each day with Barb.
And I did find another picture I took of her wool room and where she does the color planning for a rug.  Barb's station and work area for color planning is to the left behind the antique bird cage.  Those two rooms in the back are all filled to the gills with various colors of wool, and there is more behind me which I don't think I did get a picture of.  It might look a little ramshackle here but believe me when I say that she can decide what piece of wool she wants and can walk straight to it.  So it is very organized and by color. 

I am already looking forward to another class with her next May.  Hope you have enjoyed the tour.

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