Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update on the Jane Challenge rug

I just completed two more blocks on my Sincerely Jane challenge rug and when I put it on my frame next I think I'll hook a couple points on my border so I can get an idea of what I'm dealing with and which direction I want to go.  There are a few ideas bouncing around in my cranium so it will soon be time to execute some thoughts.

Was half-tempted to reverse hook the X square since the color is more vivid than all the rest in the rug as well as being really close in proximity to the other lighter and similar color.  But for now it will stay put.  I've had that piece of wool for a year or so and had never used it and was determined to see how it hooked up.

So today I'll start hooking on Karen Kahle's Lavender Tea Cozy as I will need something to work on the first night at Woolley Fox and then on the first day of class which will be May 16th.  Since that is a smallish pattern I just may put it down and hook some on the border of the SJ challenge rug before I leave for Ligonier.


  1. Maybe if you can echo the color of the X in the border...just a thought. I love the color and it didn't pounce out at me in the picture!
    Have fun in Ligonier!

  2. HiSaundra
    I love everything about this rug. Nothing sticking out to me like a sore thumb. I think it's beautiful. Anxious to see what you do with the border. Enjoy your time in Ligonier. Wish I was coming along!!



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