Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I just Love Days like this one

I sure do love special days like this.  It isn't my birthday, it isn't Christmas ~ I know that for a fact because it is as hot as Hades outside with record breaking temps.  But it was like both days rolled into one because I had packages to open. 

Today as I'm walking the mile to and fro my mailbox in the heat and humidity (but on the shady side of the street) I see the UPS man pull into my driveway......YAAAAYYY, my BeeCreek floor frame had arrived.    Let me tell you that I think I've owned probably every brand of frame and stand there is and that includes lap frames, different sit-upons and floor frames.  Some I still have and others I've sold.  But you know how it is ~ you see something new and you just must have it. 

Well at Barb's rug camp two of my gal pals had their Snapdragons on a BeeCreek floor frame and when I saw theirs was adjustable AND sturdy, I just had to place my order for one upon coming home.  So it is now assembled and will take it for a test drive later as I've got to pull some loops on my Sincerely Jane challenge rug since new pictures need to be posted tomorrow on Rughookers Yahoo.  So here is that new toy...er, equipment.

The other package was a special treat and gift from none other than Lauren and was blown away by her very generous nature as I'd coveted it when I saw that Courtney had been a recipient of one a few weeks ago. Matter of fact was even willing to buy one or to buy the equipment to make one for myself, but that seemed a little silly as it would require numerous tools I'm sure, not to mention I've no clue how to do them anyway. 

Thank you Lauren. I will be wearing this to all the rug camps I attend but will also wear it this Thursday when I have lunch with a bunch of my classmates from the class of '59. They tease me about being a hooker so will advertise my passion by wearing this that day. 

Guess I'd better get my salad made so I can sit and hook on my new toy.


  1. Oh, lucky you! Lauren is amazing with those necklaces...among other things! I just love mine! Your frame is mighty nice too. I still use a wooden hoop frame, even though I got a puritan floor frame in a large package of rug hooking stuff back in December.
    Happy hooking!

  2. Saundra ~
    Happy hooking!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Saundra-

    I have the exact same set-up - Snapdragon with a bee Creek stand and I LOVE it! Enjoy!


  4. Nice frame My husband made my stand and I have a prutain frame on it. and that Lauren she is just one sweet person. I too have one of those necklaces.
    we have been pretty hot here also. stay cool


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